JetBlue Looks to Evolve SAF fuel with AIR COMPANY

A JetBlue Airbus A220 parked in front of the hangar.
Photo Credit: JetBlue

LONDON – JetBlue wants to bolster its transition to sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) with the latest agreement with AIR COMPANY.

The mentioned company creates carbon-negative alcohols and fuels from carbon dioxide (CO2) on a basis of new innovative carbon technology.

AIR COMPANY has developed and deployed a single-step process for CO2-derived fuel production using renewable electricity to create its novel AIRMADE™ sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) product.

JetBlue’s MoU deal with AIR COMPANY comes on the heels of direct capital investment into AIR COMPANY’s Series A funding round from JetBlue’s venture capital subsidiary, JetBlue Ventures.

Under a future deal, JetBlue wants to purchase 25 million gallons of AIRMADE™ SAF over the next five years, with a start in 2027. AIR COMPANY joins JetBlue’s growing list of SAF partnerships.

The carrier’s goal is to convert 10 percent of its total fuel usage to SAF on a blended basis by 2030.

“SAF is one of the most promising avenues for addressing aviation emissions currently available. With creative thinking backed by science, AIR COMPANY’s work to leverage captured carbon, a resource distinct from other SAF feedstocks, represents the kind of innovation that can expand SAF availability and grow the market necessary to reach our industry goals,” said Sara Bogdan, director of sustainability and environmental, social governance, JetBlue.

“We’re excited to build upon this partnership established by JetBlue Ventures as we continue our own path to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040,” she adds.

It is worth adding that JetBlue was the first U.S. airline to fly regularly on products provided by both commercial SAF suppliers currently in the domestic market and continues to support the emerging SAF market with significant commitments with other producers as the airline continues to grow its SAF mix.


The company emphasizes using the same proprietary technology that mimics photosynthesis to create their consumer ethanol. They developed and deployed its single-step process for CO2-derived fuel production using renewable electricity.

“Our goal at AIR COMPANY is to create solutions that work with the environment, rather than against it,” explained Gregory Constantine, CEO, and Co-Founder of AIR COMPANY.

The value of AIR COMPANY’s technology and its potential to rapidly scale SAF supply by creating renewable fuels from captured CO2 can also be seen in its list of launch partners, which include respected organizations across multiple industries, including military and commercial aviation.

“Our CO2-derived SAF has the ability to not only burn neutrally but importantly leverages an infinite resource as our feedstock. We’ve partnered with JetBlue to supply the airline with 25 million gallons of our AIRMADE™ SAF, contributing to the complex tapestry of SAF solutions in our fight against anthropogenic climate change,” adds Constantine.

JetBlue and the Environment

JetBlue’s environmental, and social governance (ESG) strategy focuses on issues that have the potential to impact its business and the industry in the long term.

Customers, crewmembers, and the community, as well as stakeholders, are key to JetBlue’s climate and sustainability strategy. Demand from these groups for responsible service is one of the motivations to further reduce the airline’s environmental impact.

JetBlue depends on natural resources and a healthy environment to keep its business running smoothly. Not only do we all rely on those natural resources, but tourism also relies on having beautiful, natural, and preserved destinations for customers to visit.

Demand from these groups for responsible service is one of the motivations behind changes that help reduce the airline’s carbon output and overall environmental impact.

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