Jet2 Bomb Threat Ended Up Being For Another Person of Interest on a Different Flight

Photo Credit: Harrison Rowe/AviationSource

LONDONThe Jet2 bomb threat from a week ago today ended up being for another person of interest on a completely different flight, according to video seen by AviationSource.

EXS46Y, operating LS922 between Dalaman and Manchester, had to divert to London Stansted following a credible threat placed against the aircraft.

At the time of our coverage of this, Jet2 said the following to us via Twitter:

“We can confirm that flight LS922 DLM to MAN diverted to London Stansted this evening under the direction of UK air traffic control. The aircraft has landed safely and has taxied to a remote stand. We are currently liaising with London Stansted Airport and the relevant authorities”.

Captain’s Reassuring Words…

Below, you can see a video of the exchange that the pilot gave to all affected passengers onboard, offering the most upmost care about the situation.

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Within the video itself, you can hear the captain mention that there ended up being no threat on the aircraft and that the person of interest was actually on another flight.

In a way of relating to the passengers, he blamed the UK government for getting the information wrong.

At this point, we do not know what flight this other person of interest was on, but regardless, the right steps were taken in order to ensure the safety of all passengers onboard.

The captain also explained what was going to happen to the passengers, including the choices they could take, which included getting buses and taxis on the same night or staying overnight in a hotel and leaving the next morning.

He also had to explain that they wouldn’t be able to fly to Manchester because the crew ran out of flying hours, as well as the fact that the police still needed to search the aircraft thoroughly before returning it to Jet2.

The Incident Itself & Afterwards…

Data provided by

Above, you can see data from, which shows the route that the aircraft took into London Stansted whilst being escorted by two RAF Typhoons via the Quick Reaction Alert.

What we do know is that the checks were conducted very quickly as the aircraft departed London Stansted at 1401 local time the next day and continued on to Manchester as EXS021V.

From there, G-HLYB has been continuing to operate flights to the likes of Izmir, Paphos, Rhodes, Heraklion, and, yes, even Dalaman!


What remains clear is that Jet2 followed the book perfectly and even went the extra mile to advise and calm the nerves of passengers with as much information as they could possibly give them.

It is also good news that the aircraft landed safely and that there ended up being no threat to the aircraft in the end.

That being said, the next focus for authorities is trying to determine where this person of interest is and whether they have captured them already.

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