Italy’s ITA Airways wins two Skyteam Sustainable Awards

Styyx, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

LONDON – On the 8th of July 2022, ITA Airways tops two awards at the SkyTeam Sustainable Flight Challenge event for the Greatest CO2 Reduction medium-haul and ‘Best Waste Management’ in Rome.

This is a very well-regarded award in this day and age where the recurring theme of sustainability is always the topic of today’s debate. This is great for the airline’s marketing gimmick.

In addition to the sustainability award, the airlines also won the “Best employee engagement award”.

This gives an insight into how forward and conscious ITA Airways really is and is a good way to increase its awareness and public relation after the demise of Alitalia its predecessor. 

To mark the award, the airline planted the “Med Tree”, which is an olive tree that signifies the county’s engagement and inclusiveness with sustainability. The tree itself was planted at ITA Airways Headquarters in Rome. 

SkyTeam’s Sustainability Flight Challenge is a good stepping stone for the aviation industry to follow suit, not only within the SkyTeam alliance but also for all airlines and operators.

Moreover, this challenge will also accelerate the need for airlines to push for the better and cleaner initiative, and also to make further commitments to reduce carbon emissions.

This challenge is perceived as a productive and friendly competition. Lastly, this challenge is in line with the Paris Agreement and many more carbon reduction treaties committing to carbon neutralise the aviation industry by 2050 after.

A total of 16 airlines were involved in this challenge, and all airlines gained knowledge from one another, and also to test and operate flights.

Airlines were encouraged under SkyTeam’s challenge to fund solutions and operate flights in ‘test mode’, to find anomalies and improvements in the domains of carbon and waste reduction. These testbed flights provide a crucial date for future flights. 

ITA AIrways, in fact, participated in the challenge with two flights.

The first fight was a medium-haul flight from Rome Fiumicino to Amsterdam Schiphol on the 7th of May using an A320, and the second flight was a long-haul intercontinental flight from Rome to New York, which operated from Rome to New York on its long-haul flagship aircraft, the A330.

For both of these flights, the airline has developed a seamless and simultaneous procedure for basic operations and tasks which are normally performed onboard, with more consciousness and consideration for the environment.

This includes waste recycling, sustainable catering, usage of SAF (sustainable aviation fuel), digitalisation and paperless operations etc… With this practice, allows the airline to win the award given by SkyTeam.

Moreover, this catapults the airline to become closer to carbon-neutral goals. The Italian carrier also has numerous initiatives to replant forests in Latin America and Africa. 

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