ITA Airways Removes Executive President With ‘Vote of No Confidence’

ITA Airways Executive President poses in front of ITA aircraft picture.
Photo Credit: ITA Airways

LONDON – Italian flag carrier ITA Airways has confirmed in press statement that it will be removing its Executive President, Alfredo Altavilla, via a ‘Vote of No Confidence’ motion passed by the ITA Airways board members and directors.

Alfredo Altavilla, 59, has served as an executive president of ITA Airways since its inception from its former Italian counterpart Alitalia in 2020. Mr. Alfredo has been renowned for Italian Governments ‘Go To’ person in bid to turnaround an organisation which has been failing in growth and profitability factor.

However, Mr. Alfredo has been their first choice since his remarkable performance displayed in Italian automobile sector with record breaking results.

Though sudden removal of its high-ranking official might sound as a shocking story, but this was brewing amongst ITA board over past few weeks. The order came in effect when board passed a resolution on 12th October and stated that post Mr. Alfredo’s removal, attribution of all powers will be passed on to the Chief Executive Officer of ITA Airways Fabio Maria Lazzerini.

Elaborating on this event, aviation journalist Leonard Berberi of Corriere della Sera reported that the relationship between Alfredo and ITA board went to tipping point when he refused to give sensible, route by route analysis and profitability statement to the ITA consortium which is being headed by Certares, a private equity fund which is responsible for revival of Italian flag carrier.

The accountability and credibility of Alfredo Altavilla was then taken to the challenging point when it was found that the tense situation between Alfredo Altavilla, Fabio Maria Lazzerini and the board of ITA was at its heating point over part several months.

Centras, the real force behind ongoing ITA Airways privatisation has found these explanations and analysis from Alfredo unacceptable, especially when they are in nect phase of its potential sale discussion with participating carriers like Delta Air Lines and Air France-KLM.

Closing on this a very minimal information, ITA Airways formally issued a statement saying: “Company’s main task is to remain focused on the industrial plan, continuing along the road taken that is providing better results than expected, with the aim of consolidating the relaunch of ITA Airways and protecting the company’s workers who have taken the challenge.”

Alfredo Altavilla, graduated in Economics from Universiità Cattolica in Milan has held notable positions in his career. He has served Recordati SpA in Chairman capacity, along with his notable service to Telecom Italia SpA as an Independent Director.

His journey with Fiat Auto has been most decorated since he joined the company in 1990 where his prime focus was on international ventures in the area of strategic planning and product development.

After heading Asia Operations of Fiat since 1999, Altavilla became chairman of FGP, a Fiat and GM Powertrain JV and eventually assumed office as Senior Vice President of Business Development of Fiat Auto.

Altavilla also held various notable positions with various brands across globe including Board of Director of Chrysler Group LLC, Executive Vice President of Business Development for Fiat Group, CEO of Fiat Powertrain Technoloies, CEO of Türk Otomobile Fabrikasil A.S. to name few.

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