IndiGo Introduces World-First “Three Point Disembarkation”

Indigo Airlines 3-point disembarkation system
Photo Credit: IndigGo Airlines

LONDON – Indian Low-Cost carrier IndiGo Airlines recently celebrated its 16th Birthday. And on this occasion, Indigo decided to introduce a measure for the first time in aviation history – the “Three-Point Disembarkation” system.

The airline invited many influencers to show-case this occasion. This new system would help IndiGo save around 3-5 minutes in its turn-around time. The carrier has implemented this service for all its flights landing in Bengaluru, Mumbai & Delhi airports.

The airline now has plans to expand this service to all other airports progressively.

“At IndiGo, we constantly and dynamically keep reinventing our internal standards to enable a hassle-free customer experience as well as contributing to operational efficiencies for all stakeholders including airport operators and ground handling companies”

“We have always looked at newer ways to enhance our customer experience and make flying, as well as our ground operations, efficient and hassle-free.”

“Adding a third ramp for disembarkation is a simple yet effective way to complete a smooth travel experience for our customers,” said the airline in a statement.

Faster turn-around of aircraft is most essential for budget carriers like IndiGo, because for any airline aircraft in air means “good for business.”

When an aircraft is on the ground it is financial burden for the airline owing to high parking fees in most metro cities airport in India. “Turn-around” time means the time aircraft spends the on tarmac after landing until it is airborne again.

Currently this is around 30-35 minutes on an average for all Indigo flights. The third ramp for passenger disembarkation has never been used for regular operation in the industry, and Indigo has now become the first airline to do so.

“The new three-point disembarkation process will be carried out from two forward and one rear exit ramp, making IndiGo the first airline in the world to use this process, It generally takes 13-14 minutes to disembark an A321 aircraft with two-point disembarkation. With three-point disembarkation, it will take just seven-eight minutes to let all passengers get off the plane” said Ronojoy Dutta, CEO of Indigo.

This service will be used for all Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft in its fleet. Indigo also announced cheap airfares to celebrate its 16th birthday.

This is essential for the airline as Indigo is currently India’s largest airline in terms of load factor as well in terms of fleet. With new airlines like Akasa Air and Jet Airways entering into market Indigo wants to be on top its game.

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