Icelandair Reveals New Livery Concept

LONDON – Icelandair has today revealed its new livery concepts for its fleet, offering a more simple and generic look towards the airline.

The first aircraft to receive the livery was TF-ICE, one of the airline’s Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

By the end of February, the airline is expected to have five MAX aircraft in this new livery and then from there, the rest of the fleet will continue according to the maintenance schedule of each airplane.

In the press release, Icelandair said the following:

“In 2022 we are updating our airline livery – the way our planes look – with new colors drawn from Icelandic nature, including the beloved northern lights.”

“This is the first time the whole livery design has been changed since 2006 and is part of a complete refresh of the Icelandair brand. Over the past year or so, we’ve been looking at our brand as a whole and finding new, refreshing ways to bring the spirit of Iceland to the world.”

This is of course a completely new look to previous Icelandair liveries and has caused some strongly-worded opinions from those in the industry.

What do you think of this livery?

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