IAG Confirms New A320neo Orders

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LONDON – The International Airlines Group (IAG) is converting 14 Airbus A320neo options into firm orders, which includes 11 orders for the A320neo and 3 for the A321neo.

Fleet expansion

IAG had placed the order back in 2013 and has now converted a part of it into firm orders. The planes are expected to be delivered between 2024 and 2025 as a replacement for the current, less efficient A320ceos.

The group has commented on the order, saying “These modern, more fuel-efficient aircraft will bring both cost efficiencies and environmental benefits to IAG airlines.”

This order might be a follow-up to their previous order of 150 Boeing 737 MAX planes the group has placed against every expectation. It is currently not known who will operate these planes. The group has also previously converted several options in March, which include 2 A321neos and 6 A320neos.


While IAG said that these planes will be used to replace the A320ceo family planes, the group did not disclose where in the group the replacement was needed, as there is a multitude of airlines who operate the A320 family, including British Airways, Aer Lingus, Vueling, and other airlines in the group.

The same can be said for the MAX orders, as while there are some Boeing operators in the group – with British Airways being the only one, who operates the Boeing 777 and the 787 Dreamliner – there are no operators who use the 737, excluding Comair.

It is therefore the most interesting deal ever done by the group and probably an influential one, as this order showed how much the group trusts the development of the plane and could be used as a great promotion for Boeing.

Interesting times

It is indeed becoming more interesting by the day, as every day brings us many new developments that we wouldn’t have otherwise thought about or expected. On its own is also a great way to make our daily lives more interesting than if it went as expected.

It is up to the airlines as to what they will do with it, but for the moment it is exciting to talk about it and it makes for a great conversation topic between friends and other aviation enthusiasts. The speculation is, in healthy amounts, good for rational thinking, for example.

Now it is not to say that every prediction might come to be true, but it also serves as a free advertisement for the airline itself, as the announcement made by almost every (aviation) news outlet go wild, which also included us.

Deals like this also show the airline’s commitment to a green and sustainable future. The airline would be able to get rid of the more fuel-consuming and inefficient aircraft and replace them with the newer and more modern replacement.

It is also worth noting that the replacement will also be a kick-start for the group to boost its fleet addition and replacement for the older planes and strive for a clean future where people can finally stop being ashamed for flying.

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