Honda Aircraft Company and FlightSafety International Deepen Ties

Michael Pereckas from Milwaukee, WI, USA, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

LONDON – On the 21st of June 2022, Honda Aircraft Company and FlightSafety International extended their close partnership, announcing an additional 25-year long extension on top of its already long 15-year-old partnership.

This means that the strategic partnership will last on to the year 2047. This strategy is all about safety, hence Honda Jet joined hands with FlightSafety International.

The safety pact will allow HondaJet operators and owners, both public and private to be exposed to the highest safety training standards as much as possible. 

Honda Aircraft Company President and CEO Hideto Yamasaki stressed how this is very important as he said: “We are committed to providing HondaJet customers with the best training and the collaboration between Honda Aircraft Company and FlightSafety International will continue to enhance these programs.”

“As the HondaJet fleet size continues to grow globally with high aircraft utilization, it is important to expand the HondaJet training network to best accommodate customer needs.”

FlightSafety International President and CEO Brad Thress later added: “This is a key milestone for FlightSafety and HondaJet that emphasizes our strong long-standing partnership.”

“We are proud to be the Authorized Training Provider for a state-of-the-art aircraft like HondaJet. It’s an honour to continue providing their operators with the highest fidelity training.”

Moreover, the aircraft manufacturer and FlightSafety International also introduces a new Level D graded full flight simulator, which is based at HondaJets headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA.

This simulator is also certified by the FAA. This newly introduced state-of-the-art simulator will be an addition to an already existing simulator at HondaJet’s base in North Carolina. Another HondaJet simulator is also located in Farnborough, UK. 

HondaJet does not need to prove to the world that its aircraft is extremely capable. Impressively, over 600 pilots have undergone the HondaJet HA-420 pilot course training up until now.

The number of trained pilots could expect to go up even further with a new simulator in North Carolina. This would streamline pilot courses, reduce the backlog, and delays and will enhance the aspects of quick and responsive customer service as well. 

Moreover, HondaJet’s glass cockpit puts safety and a user-friendly ergonomic based design at its forefront, to ensure safety for passengers and pilots themselves.

The cockpit is also certified for single-crew operations which is very suitable for private owners, and will significantly reduce operating costs. 

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