GOL Boeing 737NG Goes to Aventure

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LONDON – Another Boeing 737NG bites the dust – an end of an era for the Boeing 737 Next-Generations? 

Aventure Aviation recently purchased its latest Boeing 737NG, which is from a Brazilian low-cost airline GOL Airlines. This is its fifth Boeing 737NG for this year.

The aircraft has an MSN (Manufacturing Serial Number) 28584, which will, unfortunately, will be scrapped for parts at Marana, Arizona in the United States. The scrapping will be done by Jetyard. 

Aventure has its warehouse in Atlanta, Georgia where parts will be relocated, and will significantly increase its extensive stock and inventory of the Boeing 737-NGs. 

Andrew Crombie, Aventure’s product line director, said: “With passenger travel on the rise and an increase in 737NG cargo conversions, this acquisition couldn’t come at a better time.”

“This part-out will allow us to continue to support our customers with the latest 737NG inventory.”

Aventure President Talha Faruqi, stated: “Aventure continues to offer a unique global aviation investment platform for investors, leasing companies, and owners.”

“With our experience in dismantling and a significant global customer base, we have solutions to deploy capital, provide asset management services, and material consignments for stakeholders,” continued Faruqi. “We continue to see inquiries from investors looking for options in diversifying their portfolios.”

Aventure is a pioneer in the aftermarket aviation parts supplier. The focus is on all domains of aviation, including commercial, military, business aviation and MROs globally. The company upholds its standards to the very highest having qualifications of the Aviation Suppliers Association ASA100, ASA9120, and FAA Advisory Circular 00-56A standards.

Aventure also focuses on the recycling of aircraft parts and end-of-life solutions for aircraft, which is what is being discussed in the article. 

Moreover, the Georgian-based company is also very active in talks with owners, financial institutions, lessors, and airlines to search for the generation of revenue in scrapping and recycling aircraft paths for idling aircraft.  

The company will also join the Air Carriers Purchasing Conference of ACPC which will be held between August 27th and 20th in San Diego, to discuss the availability of spare parts supplies. The company will also seek to cooperate with other MROs and Airlines to expand their footprint and expand their supply chain outreach.   

One could say that this period is a boon for companies like Aventure, as many airlines are seeking to release their older and inefficient airframes which have been idle up until now due to COVID.

Aventure is surely a very resilient company and this might be the only recession-proof discipline within the aviation industry,  as there are opportunities for unwanted aircraft to be capitalised on. 

The 737NGs are well sought after due to their durability and availability of spare parts. The narrow-body aircraft is also in high demand for passenger to freighter conversions. 

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