Frontier Airlines Breaks Ground at New Denver Airport Facility

Frontier Airlines CEO at Denver Airport
Photo Credit: Frontier Airlines

LONDON – US LCC Frontier Airlines and Denver International Airport have announced their ambitious plan for expansion of the East End of the airport’s Concourse A, with foundations laid in a ground breaking ceremony held at the venue today.

The new ambitious expansion plan set to bring Denver International Airport to new standards includes 120,000 square-foot of ground boarding facility on the east end course of Concourse A, along with remodelling of 83,000 square foot of space and additional 37,000 square foot of expansion area.

The new developed facility will feature 14 gates and an adjacent 8,000 square foot of maintenance facility. This extravagant expansion plan will put Denver International Airport in new perspective to accommodate additional passenger, flight and MRO capacity at the facility.  

Present on this occasion, Frontier Airlines CEO, Barry Biffle expressed his views by saying, “We’re thrilled to join with our partners at Denver International Airport and the City of Denver to break ground on this new facility, which will provide a beautiful, convenient, customer-centric experience for departing and arriving Frontier passengers.”

“The use of ground boarding will cut boarding and deplaning times in half by allowing customers access to aircraft from the front and rear and will help support our expansion at DEN. As Colorado’s hometown airline, we are excited to further grow our commitment to the Denver community and beyond and offer an exceptional customer experience at DEN.”

Frontier Airlines and Denver Airport staff laying new foundation at airport.
Frontier Airlines and Denver Airport staff laying new foundation at airport.

Denver International Airport plays a key role in the transportation dynamics in the central United States and contributes as the leading hub for the connections across US continent, Latin America and Europe.

In recent events, Denver International has been successful in attracting range of low-cost carriers that provides vital links to the development of the region.

With developing links to the regional and international transportation hubs, Denver International has shown growth in passenger traffic with over 58 million passengers in year 2021 along with the aircraft movement of over 593,916 aircrafts. Evidently, Denver International has contributed to the economy with US$33.5billion in year 2018.

As the airports and airlines around the globe are on the recovery phase in post pandemic era, the increasing number of passenger and aircraft movements has put Denver International in dire need of expansion to accommodate volume, along with upgraded airport and non-aeronautical facilities including restaurants, shops and other engaging activities.

Frontier Airlines and Denver Airport staff laying new foundation at airport.
Mascot Griz the Bear shakes a little kid's hand.
Photos: Frontier Airlines

The new facility will focus on additional customer experience and convenience with new improvements like charging stations, nursing rooms and pet relief area. Furthermore, the new escalators will help movement of passengers from the existing Concourse A to the new ground-level facility.

For smooth and efficient on ground aircraft turnaround operations, new Air Stairs and Switchback ramp will be installed enabling dual door boarding and disembarking of passengers.

The new facility will be allocated to Frontier airline as a preferential user with scheduling rights for all 14 gates, along with exclusive branding rights throughout the facility. The entire facility will be ready of operational use by mid-2024.

Gracing at the occasion of ground-breaking ceremony, Denver International Airport CEO, Phil Washington expressed his views by saying, “Frontier has served the Denver community for 28 years and has been a tremendous partner to DEN,”

“The extension of our ground load facility will allow Frontier and DEN to continue to grow, providing more options for travellers. We are thankful for their continued commitment to the airport and community and we look forward to welcoming Frontier passengers for many years to come.”

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