Eve Air Mobility eVTOL Takes on the Middle East and South American Markets.

Falcon Aviation Services eVTOL by Eve. Photo credit: Falcon Aviation Services

LONDON – Eve Air, a world-renowned eVTOL (electronic vertical take-off and landing)  mobility company is making impressive announcements for their products in the Middle East and in the Latin Americas. 

Middle East

Recently, Dubai based Falcon Aviation Services (FAS) signed a letter of intent (LOI) with Eve Air Mobility for 35 eVTOL aircraft, with deliveries slated for 2026. The first base for the Eve eVTOL machines is to be used for tourism purposes and is to be initially located at the Atlantis, at the Palm Dubai.

This is one of the first steps that will see the eVTOLs gradually introduced into the Emirati market. 

Captain Ramandeep Oberoi, Chief Operating Officer of Falcon, said: “We are ecstatic to partner with Eve and be the first operator of eVTOL in Dubai & the MENA region.”

“The launch of this concept fully aligns with the Smart Dubai vision and will contribute to positioning Dubai as a global leader in sustainable Urban Air Mobility transportation.”

“Falcon is actively engaged in Urban Air Mobility emergence and committed to delivering an effective and sustainable new urban transportation mode and providing the community with better and faster solutions.”

“We are particularly proud to take a new step in the UAE, in a project that will be revolutionary for sustainable urban mobility.”

Falcon Aviation Service is one of UAE’s leading aviation services established in 2006. FAS’s core businesses are flight support, aircraft sales, charter sales, FBO, CAMO services and MRO etc.. 

Andre Stein, co-CEO of Eve stated that: “We are thrilled about partnering with Falcon and having the immense opportunity to enable the future urban mobility in the United Arab Emirates and launch eVTOL flights in Dubai.”

“This is a massive challenge for both companies, which will help to position Dubai as a leader in the urban air mobility market. Eve’s global experience, which spans different regions across the globe, will surely benefit the achievement of this project.” 

Eve Air Mobility will be in good hands under FAS, as FAS knows the Emirati and the MENA market in and out. They will assist Eve Air Mobility in positioning and marketing their product in the right place. 

South America

Meanwhile, in South America, Corporación América Airports S.A., the world’s largest private airport operator in terms of owned airports signed an MOU with Eve Air Mobility to collaborate on the integration of UAM and eVTOL infrastructure and platforms at airports across Latin America and also Europe.

Services that could be jointly carried out include, feasibility, environmental impact and aerospace design. 

Martin Eurnekian, CEO of Corporación América Airports expressed his optimism about working alongside Eve Air Mobility, and stated: “The next five years will probably be decisive in how we move from and through cities, and aviation will play a leading role again.”

“Corporación América Airports has always been at the forefront of air transport services and now wants to be a key player in the UAM segment, identifying the challenges and opportunities for better operational, infrastructural and secure contexts.”

“We want to lead the development of the UAM ecosystem, allowing mobility in the third dimension accessible to all, in a more sustainable transportation mode”.

Meanwhile, Stein from Eve Air Mobility said: “The Urban Air Mobility ecosystem includes ground infrastructures and operations, airports, and integration of different transportation modes.”

“The partnership with Corporación América Airports will allow us to create and implement these concepts, in line with regulatory authorities’ requirements, in different communities in Latin America and Europe supported by Corporación América Airports.”

“Our dedication to enabling a global UAM ecosystem makes Eve a trusted partner in this collaboration,” he concluded.

In the near future, we would see airports managed and owned by Corporacion America Airports with the technology of the future to welcome UAMs and eVTOLs.

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