Emirates A380 Showcase at Bahrain Airshow Attracts Thousands of Visitors

Bahrain Airshow patrons board an Emirates A380 parked on display.
Photo Credit: Emirates

LONDON – At the recent Bahrain International Airshow, Dubai based carrier Emirates (EK) made a great appearance with their Airbus A380 aircraft, which was a highly anticipated visitor to the show. As expected, the attraction showed great numbers by the show’s end, as thousands of visitors found the A380 a spectacular display.

Highly visited attraction

During the two day appearance at the Bahrain Airshow, Emirates’ A380 display looked to have drawn major attention, counting almost 8.000 visitors throughout the entire display time.

Aviation geeks, aviation traders and the public in general, were all allowed to enter the aircraft during the display, in which the A380 featured, contained Emirates’ brand new Premium Economy Class-product with leather seats, wooden accents as well as one of the largest personal entertainment screens in the aviation industry.

As far as Premium Economy products go, Emirates’ has definitely got a great one worth showing off.

In addition to the A380 display, Emirates also featured the airshow with one of the Emirates Flight Academy’s Embraer Phenom 100EV aircraft, which their students use during training.

The Embraer Phenom attraction of Emirates, was also frequently visited by young aviation enthusiasts, with future the future dream-career of becoming a pilot.

Two Emirates aircraft - an A380 and an Embraer Phenom parked together at the Bahrain Airshow.

New codeshare

As well as having their displays attract huge numbers of visitors, Emirates and Bahrain-based Gulf Air (GF), agreed upon launching a codeshare-agreement, benefiting customers of both airlines, meaning greater connectivity to the world.

The announcement was presented by Sir Tim Clark, the President of Emirates Airline, as well as Gulf Air chief Executive Officer, Captain Waleed Al Aalawy.

In an official statement by Sir Tim Clark, the President of Emirates, he stated: “We are pleased to partner with Gulf Air to offer their customers greater access and strong connection opportunities to unique destinations on our network, complemented by Emirates’ signature in-flight service and hospitality throughout their journey from Dubai.”

“We look forward to working together and achieving more with Gulf Air in the near future, and further strengthening our relationship.”

As for Gulf Air’s CEO, Captain Waleed Al Aalawy, he stated: “Our relationship with Emirates Airlines has always been strong and today we are reaching a higher level of collaboration with many more opportunities on the horizon between the two carriers. This partnership will empower both of us to offer a more elevated experience to passengers and widen travel opportunities.”


Emirates continue to showcase their latest innovations and technologies in cabin design and passenger products, creating even more PR and advertising of this new product, which will be widely available in the coming years, rather than just on select routes.

With close to 8,000 visitors, Emirates can remain assured that their efforts of displaying the A380 at this airshow, was well successful, along with their Embraer Phenom.

The codeshare operation is also just one of few that Emirates have launched this year, though it creates great connectivity and travel offerings to their customers, alongside Gulf Air customers as well.

Gulf Air does operate on some longer routes with a wide fleet variety, though the biggest benefits of this exact operation, stays with Emirates, given their extensive route network.

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