Emerald Airlines Celebrates Partnership With Falko

Photo Credit: Emerald Airlines

LONDON – Emerald Airlines, the operator of Aer Lingus Regional, is celebrating its partnership with Falko (formerly Chorus Aviation Capital) with the addition of an extra ATR72-600.

New Addition

The airline has welcomed the recent addition of their 6th aircraft as part of a lease agreement made in August of 2021. From the 25th of July, the aircraft will join the airline’s fleet and support the airline.

The Director of Engineering at Emerald Airlines, Richard Spencer, said: “We are extremely pleased with the outcome of our partnership with Falko/Chorus. On behalf of the team at Emerald, I would like to thank our counterparts at Falko for their ongoing support.”

“The latest generation of turboprop aircraft combining unmatched environmental and economic performance, the ATR 72 has proven itself to be the right aircraft for our passengers and our airline, and has been a great asset to our company.”

Mark Hughes, CCO at Falko, said “We are delighted to have delivered another aircraft to Emerald and be able to support the further development of Emerald Airlines as a key provider of regional connectivity between Ireland and the UK.”

“The ATR product is a core part of Falko’s portfolio where we now manage a diverse fleet of seventy-five aircraft making Falko one of the world’s leading lessors of the type.  In addition, Falko has two ATR simulators based in Dublin that provide further support to Emerald’s operations.”

Photo Credit: Emerald Airlines


The recent addition of this plane finalizes the lease agreement made in August of 2021, where Emerald and Falko have agreed for 6 ATR72-600s, and that deal has now been finalized as of July 18.

The addition of their newest ATR is going to give Emerald a lot of support in terms of fleet development and support, as the ATR is one of the most fuel-efficient “feeder” types of aircraft that currently exist in the market.

They are also one of the most reliable aircraft made by them to date, which has been shown by their popularity by airlines such as Emerald Airlines and Loganair, both very active in the regional market in and around the UK.

This addition of the plane also symbolizes the great relationship both parties have with each other. As the CEO of Emerald Airlines said back in August of 2021, “We couldn’t be happier with our partnership with Chorus Aviation Capital and look forward to taking delivery of our first six ATR72-600s.”

“The ATR72 is an essential part of our strategy to offer high frequency, convenient, and affordable air travel across Ireland and the U.K.”

The fact that both parties have a lot of trust in each other signifies that the airplanes could possibly be leased for a long time, or Emerald could lease even more planes if Falko would offer a new and interesting deal to Emerald. It is up to the both of them to see if they can manage a new deal.

For now, we can sit back and enjoy the addition.

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