EK209 in Athens: What We Know So Far…

LONDON – Emirates flight EK209 has returned back to Athens following reports of a suspicious passenger onboard. Here is what we know so far.

Courtesy of @FlightEmergency on Twitter, the event has been well-documented so far.

The account dedicated to in-flight emergencies has stated that passengers have disembarked the aircraft, with the suspicious passenger told to remain in his seat until authorities come and get them.

Data from RadarBox.com shows that EK209 began to enter a hold over Italy when the event took place, with @FlightEmergency reporting that France & Italy refused the diversion, forcing its return to Athens.

EK209 departed Athens at 1732 local time tonight, before landing back in its origin point at 2157 local time.

They have also been able to source footage of the passengers disembarking the plane as well.

The aircraft has also been pictured seen on a remote stand at Athens whilst baggage is removed from the aircraft too.

More footage has emerged of the passengers actually getting out of the aircraft!

This is a developing story. AviationSource has approached Emirates for comment.

Emirates has responded to our comment inquiry. They have said the following:

“Emirates can confirm flight EK210 from Athens to Dubai on 10 November returned to stand before take-off, and flight EK209 from Athens to Newark on 10 November also made an unscheduled return to Athens due to security checks requested by the authorities. Passengers on flight EK209 have been rebooked to travel on 11 November and provided overnight accommodation. Emirates apologizes for the inconvenience caused.”

It has also emerged that the suspicious passenger ended up not being suspicious to authorities at all in the end. As per @FlightEmergency on Twitter:

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