EASA Certifies Cessna Citation XLS Gen2

LONDON – Textron Aviation, the owner of Cessna, will be making its first delivery of the upgraded version of the Citation XLS Gen2 in the coming weeks to Porsche Air Service in Salzburg, Austria.

The type has recently gained EASA type certification.


“Achieving this milestone delivery with Porsche Air Service – a company that embodies innovative engineering and design, high-end craftsmanship, a legendary heritage, and a reputation for high-performance product investments – demonstrates how perfectly aligned the features, quality, and performance of the XLS Gen2 are with the priorities of our customers,” said Lannie O’Bannion, senior vice president of global sales and flight operations for Textron Aviation.

“This will pave the way for deliveries of the XLS Gen2 throughout Europe.”

“The XLS Gen2 will provide our passengers with total comfort and a top-notch flight experience,” said Hubert Lindenthaler, account manager and chief pilot at Porsche Air Service.

“With the addition of the XLS Gen2 to our fleet, we will continue to deliver exceptional aircraft charter services throughout Europe.”

The plane will be part of the bigger fleet offered by Porsche Air Service based in Salzburg in Austria. Currently, Porsche already has an existing fleet of 2 Cessna Citation XLS+ and now in the coming week

The upgrades

The new generation of the Citation will have many new improvements and features. The new generation has been announced by Textron back in October of 2021 at NBAA-BACE.

The plane has then been built on the feedback they have gathered from the customers to focus on comfort, by improving and focusing on technology and design.

Among the updates are a new illuminated airstair door; an entry curtain for inclement weather protection on the ground and improved cabin acoustics in flight; and improved natural lighting, styling, and materials throughout the interior.

There is a new pedestal seat design for enhanced passenger comfort, with individual controls, new styling, and optional quilting. The forward couch features an optional fold-down capability, allowing passengers to access more baggage in flight.

The XLS Gen2 also features a wireless CMS with a touchscreen moving map monitor, wireless charging, USB charging ports at each cabin seat, and an optional Bongiovi Immersive speaker-less sound system.

This plane is part of the very famous Citation family, which is one of the most successful and most recognizable series from Cessna. it is no surprise there that the manufacturer has decided to upgrade the series after they have managed to sell over 1000 units.

It is also quite thoughtful of Textron to have thought of upgrading the interior with all sorts of parts that the customers have given feedback on.

Brief history

The plane has been developed by Cessna back in 1994 as the Citation Excel when the manufacturer saw an opportunity to sell a variant that included the same features as the Citation X but aimed at a more traditional market.

Since then, the Citation Excel received 2 new improvements, with the Citation XLS in 2004 giving the plane a new and upgraded engine and glass cockpit. The new engine also gave the plane a better performance.

In 2008, the plane got another upgrade and got branded as the XLS+, which included an electronic engine control system and improved engines. The nose gear got revised, resembling the Citation Sovereign and Citation X.

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