Diehl Aviation Plays a Huge Role in Airbus A321XLR Manufacture

Photo Credit: Piotr Bozyk/AviationSource

LONDON – Diehl Aviation finds itself in an important position in the manufacturing of Airbus’ latest aircraft, the A321XLR. On the 15th of June, the aircraft made its first maiden flight in Toulouse, France with many of Diehl’s products being featured onboard.

Their product features the new titanium wastewater tanks and the cabin for Airbus’s flagship Airspace cabin.

About Diehl Aviation

The German company, Diehl Aviation contributed significantly to developing the brand new Airspace cabin for the narrow-body Airbus A320 family. The product range features many high-technology and sophisticated inventions.

Diehl contributed to the design of the new cabin and especially will come into great use once the Airbus A321XLR will be ready in service. Diehl’s solution contributed to the designing of better seating comfort with better side clearance, which significantly increases comfort and flying experience for passengers, especially on long-haul routes with narrowbody aircraft.

Moreover, Diehl also contributed to the re-design of large water tanks to increase water capacity on newer Airbus planes. The new larger water tanks are made out of titanium and will have their water cycles updated more frequently which increases water cleanliness. 

In addition, the Airspace cabin also features new contactless features on frequent touchpoints, like lavatories, to ensure extra hygiene for passengers. 

Diehl’s is one of Germany’s leading first-tier suppliers for aerospace avionics and cabin and has become one of the first movers in implementing LED technology installed on the entrance area, cabin, and also bathrooms.

These lights are greener and can operate in wider areas, resulting in a spacious feel, more bright and modern. The company also supplies the ‘Hero Light’ which is installed in the middle of the overhead compartments.

This gives an overall better ambient lighting control in the cabin, to enhance passenger well-being on board. 

Harald Mehring, Chief Customer Officer of Diehl Aviation stated with lots of excitement: “We are making a significant contribution to maximum comfort and optimum hygiene on board with many comprehensive work packages for the Airspace cabin.”

“The innovative solutions will particularly impact the Airbus A321XLR on longer flight routes. After all, the longer the flight, the greater the passengers’ need for more comfort on board.”

Not only does the German company design the Aerospace cabin, but also is an important supplier of sub-systems for the A312XLR avionics.

Diehl is one of Germany’s most innovative companies and operates under Diehl Stiftung and Co. KG combines all aviation business units of Diehl Group into one entity.

Diehl Stiftung’s aviation arm consists of Diehl Aviation and Diehl Aerospace, also a joint venture with Thales Aerospace, which is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of aircraft cabins and avionics.

Diehl Aviation employs approximately 4,000 staff. Its clients include one of the world’s leading aviation companies, such as Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer and also military contracts. 

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