Delta Air Lines To Potentially Throw It’s Hat Into ITA Airways’ Ring

Photo Credit: Karam Sodhi/AviationSource

LONDON – According to local media, Delta Air Lines may throw its hat into the ring of ITA Airways to buy the carrier.

The carrier looks to be making moves, especially through its alliance with the Air France-KLM group at present.

It is understood that the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance will evaluate all bids and begin such privatization procedures.

Delta will have to go against Lufthansa & MSC Cruises, who are looking at forming a joint stake together, taking around 40% of the carrier.

This isn’t the first such investment of a shipping company in the aviation sector. For example, in recent years CMA CGM and Maersk invested in airplanes together.

Lufthansa and MSC have 90 days to exclusively work on their interest of taking over the majority stake of the carrier.

It’s worth noting that Lufthansa often had an interest in taking over Alitalia, which in the end never happened.

The fight, of course, is now hotting up over who can assert the most influence within the Italian airline industry, and all we can do is sit and wait for the Italian Government to evaluate and make a decision.

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