Delta Air Lines Names its First Chief Digital Officer

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LONDON – Amidst a new and rapid expansion of technology, many businesses have to keep up with it, as it’s a crucial part of the business’ growth.

For this reason, Delta Air Lines has named its first-ever Chief Digital Officer (CDO).

Chief Digital Officer

The new CDO is going to be Eric Phillips as the airline is trying to provide a more personalized, seamless, and premium experience for customers through its digital channels.

The first task for the newly appointed CDO is to focus more on enhancing the customer interactions made with Delta’s digital tools and channels, including developing new and better capabilities on its website and apps to address the customer needs before, during, and after travel.

Phillips is expected to partner with leaders to create and accelerate cross-functional initiatives and to drive a multidisciplinary approach to create an unparalleled customer experience.

With the new CDO, Delta is going to be able to continue to innovate and improve digital tools, which have the power of flexibility, control, and simplicity of any traveler’s experience.

From self-service check-in to an ever-improving Fly Delta app, the task of the new CDO will surely be a challenging one.


Phillips previously served as a Senior Vice President in Airport Customer Service, Cargo Operations, GSE, and Global Clean. In his 24 years with the company, he’s also held leadership roles in Pricing and Revenue Management.

His replacement will be Erik Snell. Snell has been a Senior Vice President in Operations & Customer Center, Operations Analytics, and Delta Connection since 2018 with responsibility for Delta’s worldwide operations.

His 17-year career includes roles in Finance, ACS, Delta Connection, TechOps, and former Delta subsidiaries Delta Global Services and Delta Private Jets.

Improvement Ahead…

While the new function doesn’t seem like much, this is actually a very great improvement for Delta to incorporate a function like this in the airline as a separate core. The new function will be having full focus and authority on the technological side of the airline.

This means that the other functions are able to have a bigger focus on their main tasks and not waste much on this if they don’t need to.

The new leadership with the introduction of the CDO also not only makes the airline less susceptible to any change in the airline’s online infrastructure.

The main focus of a CDO would also help improve the airline’s online customer service by implementing new features which would enhance and improve the overall quality.

The new CDO could also generate a new stream of revenue for the airline by implementing the online services Delta offers – such as Wi-Fi and onboard entertainment – with more ways to sell ancillaries online through a new service.

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