Cypriot Carrier Bullish Regarding Recovery of Air Travel Market

Alan Wilson , CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

LONDON – Cyprus Airways made a bold statement after they have committed over EUR50 million to new aircraft, a strong and well-trained team, and a new strategic plan that is well crafted for even better results in the upcoming years. 

Cyprus national airlines Cyprus Airways has taken advantage of this travel period to strengthen and materialise its plans for future growth. As air travel is picking up, or at least is on the first phase of the great ‘rebound.’

There are numerous signals that the airline is recovering and is bullish about the market, as it introduced two new Airbus A320s to its fleet, with the ability to carry 180 passengers, and took in 10 additional crew sets to operate and support the new aircraft. 

Moreover, the airline also committed to more than EUR50 million to improve the airline’s position in the European market. The EUR50 million investment includes two new aircraft, a restructuring of the airline including the senior management team, pricing strategies and sales distribution channels.

To make matters better, the airline also recorded an impressive load factor, with Thessaloniki at 100%, followed by Heraklion at 99%, Athens at 97%, Tel Aviv at 95% and Beirut with the lowest at 88%. 

Paul Sies, CEO of Cyprus Airways Paul Sies,  commented on the airline’s progress: “We are very proud of the great work our teams have done the past months and are happy to see we can help so many happy guests get to their destinations. We are even helping many passengers that were stranded as their airline of choice cancelled or delayed their flights.”

Not only Cyprus is bullish about the recovery of air traffic. The European Travel Commission explicitly stated that Europe, as a continent, will recover 70% of 2019 levels or pre-pandemic number this year, and will continue to climb significantly.

Cyprus Airways is now ready for the pent up demand in the continent, especially a rise in demand for leisure traffic to Cyprus and between the Mediterranean.

The airline will also extend a helping hand to other airlines to cope with the lack of capacity. For instance, Cyprus Airways has one aircraft positioned temporarily in Riga, operating on behalf of the Latvian national carrier Air Baltic. 

Mr. Sies added that: “We will be adding additional frequencies to the most popular destinations this fall to allow even more people to benefit from the best value for money Cyprus Airways offer. We believe that connectivity to the country is essential to allow the tourism industry and related economy to recover to its fullest.”

“With consumer behaviour changing rapidly and more people trying to avoid the peak travel period, we believe it’s time the Cypriot Government invests in winter (year-round) tourism. For that to happen, connectivity to Cyprus is key. Cyprus Airways under its new strategic plan is the best-positioned partner for the Government to achieve this.”

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