China’s Sino Jet Tops Asia’s Private Jet Fleet

LONDON – Sino Jet is now Asia’s largest private jet charter airline, in terms of fleet size.

The airline is now one of the few lucky airlines in China to emerge from the pandemic stronger if not in Asia.

According to Asian Sky Media’s 2021 Business Jet Fleet report, the Chinese operator Sino Jet is Asia Pacific’s largest business jet operator in the Asia Pacific for the third consecutive year.

SinoJet currently has 46 aircraft in its fleet in 2021, trailing behind BAA with 41 jets and Deer Jet with 39. 

Shown below is an infographic provided by Asian Sky Media ranking operators in the Asia Pacific in terms of fleet size:

The Chinese market (mainland) has earned itself as one of the largest markets for business jets in the Asia Pacific Region, with a total of 340 business jets.

In 2021, Sino crowned the position to be number one. Sino Jet not only is Asia’s largest business jet operator but by has the newest deliveries of aircraft directly from Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM), such as the Global 6500 from Bombardier and the Gulfstream G650. 

The region’s aviation landscape may be decimated by the draconian travel restrictions coupled with lockdowns. The business jet market continues to grow.

Sino Jet stated: “Amid strong demand for business jet travel, stringent restrictions and quarantine requirements in many countries have placed new challenges on scheduling aircraft deliveries and aircraft maintenance work overseas. Sustaining safety and efficiency have become the keys to success in the market.”

Despite travel restrictions, the airline tabled a new business strategy to combat stringent travel rules imposed by Asian governments.

The airline developed an extensive route and service network to provide comprehensive and advanced maintenance capabilities for other operators and its in-house fleets and form integrated information management.

Sino Jet came up with an innovative new aircraft delivery model for its business aircraft management business, especially on tracking operating and maintenance licenses for business jet operators. 

Adding to what has been said, the airline has an information technology subsidiary that provides aircraft management systems, flight quality monitoring systems, and other information systems. All these are.

These crucial systems are proven important in maximizing aircraft preservation value.

Sino Jet’s main operating bases are in Beijing and Hong Kong.

The company continued to grow by increasing investment in China’s financial capital of Shanghai to open its new branch in 2021 and also established a new branch in Jiangsu.

The opening of these branches compliments Sino Jet’s catchment area and market share in the competitive Yangzte River Delta service network. 

Moreover, the company also established branches in Hebei and Fujian, and recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Hainan Free Trade Port which has indeed fueled demand for private jet usage.

As of now, Sino Jet has operating bases and branches in 20 cities in China and globally. 

The airline spoke person stated:  “We begin from the clients’ perspective, care for their valuable assets through effective controls, make no compromise to safety and operate with the highest degree of efficiency; this is how Sino Jet gains trust and confidence from its customers, promotes the safety and convenience of business jet travel and develops new business jet ownerships.”

“As the global economy recovers, the business jet market is expected to usher in even greater development.”

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