Cabo Verde Airlines Takes One Airbus A320 from Airhub Airlines

LONDON – Cabo Verde Airlines has signed an ACMI wet-lease agreement with Airhub Airlines to take one Airbus A320-200 aircraft.

It is understood that this A320-200, registered as 9H-GTS, will operate flights into Europe from the areas of West Africa.

“Our partnership with Cabo Verde Airlines further cements Airhub Airlines’ positioning as the ACMI service provider of choice for carriers around the globe.” Haris Coloman, CEO of Airhub Airlines.

The statement also added:

“The said partnership demonstrates Airhub Airlines’ capabilities to meet the requirements within the industry. Cabo Verde Airlines’ lease is a definitive statement of Airhub Airlines’ continuous success on its credibility and client satisfaction in ACMI services all year round.”


9H-GTS started out life with IndiGo originally as VT-IGT, following direct delivery from Airbus in August 2010, putting the aircraft at 12.2 years old at the time of writing.

The aircraft stayed with IndiGo until August 2021, when it was handed over to Airhub Airlines. By October, the aircraft was ferried to Vilnius and Tallinn.

From there, the aircraft entered service with the carrier on October 30, 2021. This aircraft does represent an overall expansion strategy from Airhub, as we will discuss further now.

Airhub Going Big with A330s?

Earlier this month, Maltese carrier Airhub Airlines (AH) announced they will be adding the A330-200 to their fleet and their A330 family.

The carrier’s A330 fleet already consists of the Airbus A330-300, and the Airbus A330-900neo, which is the youngest Maltese-registered widebody.

The A330-200 in question is an ex-KLM airframe, dating back to 2010. KLM originally took delivery of the A330-200 in September of 2010, with the registration PH-AOM, MSN 1161.

The new Airhub addition is set to wear the registration 9H-PAX and will be just another highlight for the Maltese carrier this year.

Haris Coloman, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Airhub, said the following: ”The successful induction of this aircraft into our fleet represents Airhub Airline’s continuous focus on providing premium widebody capacity to our clients globally”.

A change from the A340

The introduction of the A330-200 aircraft in Airhub’s fleet will be considered as the airline’s transition from their A340 aircraft, to a more sustainable fleet composition, Airhub CEO Haris Coloman added.

Airhub currently operates three A340-300s, with one on order. The airframes are registered: 9H-AHUB, 9H-HOP, and 9H-ZMK.

Coloman also adds: “This transition to an all A330 family widebody fleet will provide improvements to Airhub Airlines’ fuel efficiency, and operational reliability across its network when compared to the current A340 line-up 9H-PAX will be strategically positioned to enhance Airhub Airlines’ fleet capabilities.”

“Entering commercial service during the winter season, the A330-200 will capitalize on the increase in passenger demand. In anticipation of the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar along with the winter holiday season.”

It remains clear that such aircraft acquisition is off the back of its high demand regarding leasing contracts, so more aircraft will be needed in the future.

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