Photo Credit: Karam Sodhi/AviationSource

Blue Air Fined £40,000 For COVID Breaches, Penalties Ignored

LONDON – Romanian low-cost carrier Blue Air has been fined £40,000 for COVID-19 breaches as well as for ignoring the penalties it had been served.

The carrier pled guilty to six offenses under such COVID enforcement rules, which includes no passenger locator forms being filled out as well as pre-departure tests not being completed.

Paul Smith, the CAA’s Consumer Director commented on this move, welcoming the court’s decision:

“We welcome the Court’s decision to fine Blue Air Aviation over breaches of the COVID Enforcement Regulations.”

“While we generally observe high levels of compliance from airlines against the regulations, it is important for consumer confidence and public health that failures to follow the requirements are dealt with appropriately.”

This is not the first time the carrier has received such penalties and has gone as far as making no effort to resolve this in court.

Such news will no doubt place a lot of bad PR for the carrier’s operations in the UK, which has a substantive network already.

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