AviationSource Update #5 – Subscription Panel Going Live on Saturday!

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LONDON – Hello everyone and as usual, welcome to the latest AviationSource update, where we give you the low-down on where the business currently is ahead of its launch date on March 30th.

So without further ado, lets get into it….

Website Functionality at 100%!

Photo: Airbus

Previously we had to delay the launch of the subscription model due to a series of errors on the backend. We can confirm that in the last week, we have ironed out those bugs and now the website is 100% functional and capable of dealing with subscriptions.

To exemplify this, we opened up subscriptions to friends and family over the last couple of days in order to test such features. The team at AviationSource would like to thank those who have shown their support by subscribing to us!

This now means that we can press ahead with the launch of the Subscription Panel this coming Saturday, where users will be able to purchase the Special Launch Deal offering three months for just £5 instead of the usual £14. Those who choose any subscription model will get a free copy of our book: Aviation & COVID-19: A Year on From The Crisis

Our Launch Book!

This brings us onto our next topic, being a book that our Editor-in-Chief, James Field has produced in time for launch of the subscription panel.

Aviation & COVID-19: A Year on From The Crisis looks at the past year since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020. It goes over many different aspects of the industry such as Airlines, Airports, Manufacturers, Consumers, Workers and more.

When the subscription panel launches on March 20th, you can either buy the book for £2.50/£5 or subscribe to our platform and get it free with your subscription!

Be sure to put March 20th in your diaries guys!

Prize Giveaway

AviationSource is hosting a giveaway on its Twitter account, where those who follow the account, like and retweet the following thread gets entered into the prize draw to win a $100 FlightGift gift voucher.

Be sure to follow the thread for further information!

Improvements to the Website

Photo: The Conversation

We have made some improvements to the visual look of our home page in particular, with all of the legal jargon needed for this business to perform legally.

On top of this, we have decided to add a category for General News. Now rather than it being the generic news articles you may see on the web, it will consist of a few paragraphs explaining what is going on.

When they are shared on social media, they will have the hashtag #NEWS with our feature articles having the hashtag #ARTICLE to distinguish the difference between the general news and the actual analysis we aim to bring to our audience.

On the homepage as well, there is a section dubbed ‘Editors Picks’ where our Editor-in-Chief, James Field, will pick the best articles published by the business each month.

The Next Roundtable

The next AviationSource Roundtable is being hosted this weekend, looking at the following topics:

  • The Future of the Airbus A380 – Will Double-Decker Travel Ever Return?
  • The Transatlantic Question with JetBlue – Is It A Feasible Strategy?
  • Should the UK Government Scrap Air Passenger Duty Tax?
  • The IATA Push for Digital Vaccine Passports

Be sure to get your free ticket by clicking here!

A Massive Thank You!

We know that we keep thanking you guys for all of the support with this business start-up, but we will continue to thank you for your support. As you may or may not know, starting something like this from scratch takes a lot of work and we are excited to get everything launched and released to the public.

Be sure to keep an eye out on our social media over the next few days for continued updates on our launch and be sure to subscribe this coming Saturday! Have a great week everyone!

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James Field

James is a passionate AvGeek based in Manchester, U.K who has been actively spotting for years. James is the Editor-in-Chief for the company.

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