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AviationSource Update #4 – More Testing Time Needed

LONDON – Hello everyone and welcome to the fourth weekly update of the AviationSource website progression series.

It has continued to be another busy week for the team, especially with 20 days left to go until launch.

So without further ado, let’s get into it once again…

Subscription Panel

As our audience may remember, we were supposed to open up our Subscription side of the website to the general public.

Unfortunately, due to some continued errors in the site, we will need another ten days to get everything in gear and ready.

So the deal will commence on March 20th, 2020 at 6pm BST and will finish on April 30th at 6pm BST instead. But don’t worry, the deal remains the same, offering a one-off quarterly subscription for £5 instead of the usual £14.

The team at AviationSource apologises for this delay, but we wish to get everything ready and perfect, especially when it comes to you guys potentially paying money for expanded features.

A Successful First Roundtable – Onto the Next!

Last Saturday, AviationSource commenced its first aviation roundtable, which went very well and encouraged a significant level of discussion across the Zoom call.

We would like to thank everyone who turned up at the event, and we look forward to the next one this coming Saturday. The topics for the next roundtable are as follows:

Our topics for this week:

  • Is Industry Consolidation Needed As a Result of the Pandemic?
  • Heathrow Third Runway – Is It Ever Going to Happen?
  • BREXIT – A New Dawn for UK Aviation?
  • United Airlines’ 200-Strong Order for Archer eVTOLs: A Belief in a Thriving Market?
  • International Women’s Day – The Need for Diversity & Equality in Aviation!

To get your free ticket, click here!

Article Update

To make up for the subscription side of the website not being launched, we thought we would give you a little spoiler of what April will look like in terms of the content we are producing. Below is a list of such articles, including whether they will be free to access or whether they will require the need for a subscription:

Article TitleRelease DateFree to AccessSubscription Required?
Having The Foothold in the U.S.A: Qatar Airways’ Continued Success StoryMarch 30th, 2021YesNo
Good Memories in Hard Times: A Conversation with Noel PhillipsMarch 30th, 2021YesNo
Heathrow’s Third Runway: The Project That Never Got Off The GroundApril 1st, 2021NoYes
50 Years On: Southwest’s Low-Cost, High-Value Success StoryApril 2nd, 2021NoYes
Toulouse’s God of Photography: Clément Alloing’s Top 10 Photos of 2020April 4th, 2021YesNo
Pushing Tin in a Pandemic – A Look at ATC Operations in the UKApril 8th, 2021NoYes
The Bounceback Will Occur Sooner than 2024: A Chat with Josh CahillApril 9th, 2021YesNo
President Biden’s Difficult Path to an Aviator’s SuccessApril 11th, 2021NoYes
BREXIT: The New Dawn for UK Aviation?April 13th, 2021NoYes
General Electric’s Catalyst: A New Look into the Future of General Aviation PowerApril 15th, 2021YesNo
An Assessment of the Industry: A Chat with Jon OstrowerApril 16th, 2021YesNo
flyr: What We Know About Norway’s Newest EntrantApril 20th, 2021YesNo
The Norwegian Story: A Long Flight Ahead?April 25th, 2021NoYes
The General Electric CF34: A Solid & Strong Engine for The Regional WorldApril 29th, 2021YesNo
The Airbus A320neo Has Been in Service for Five Years: An ExplorationApril 30th, 2021NoYes

So if you are interested in seeing the articles that require a subscription, be sure to take advantage of our Launch Membership Deal, now starting on March 20th!

Other than that, that is about it in terms of an update. Be sure to keep up to date on our social media over the next few weeks, especially with the 30-day photographer challenge, of which we are a third of the way through at the time of writing.

Thanks again so much to everyone that has supported us. We know we keep saying this but without you guys, this business would not become a reality!

Have an amazing week everyone!


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