A JetBlue Airways Airbus A321neo seen being pushed back at New York's John F Kennedy International Airport. Photo Credit: Vincenzo Pace (@jfkjetsofficial)
Photo Credit: Vincenzo Pace (@jfkjetsofficial)

AviationSource Update #2 – Strong Pace

LONDON – Welcome aboard to our second update here at AviationSource. The organization is looking to potentially do weekly updates to keep everyone in the loop regarding our plans for launch on March 30th.

Whilst it has been a week since our first update post, we have completed a few things already. So, without further ado, lets get into it.

30-Day Photography Feature – Submissions Received

Photo: EC-NDR, a Iberia Airbus A350 seen landing at New York’s John F Kennedy International Airport. Photo Credit: Vincenzo Pace (@jfkjetsofficial)

Yesterday, AviationSource concluded its application process for the 30-day photography feature with all 30 slots now full, finalized, and scheduled between March 1st and 30th respectively.

We would like to say a massive thank you to those that have made it into the feature and we are very excited to showcase some incredible work to our audience over that period. You know who you are.

The team here definitely believe that this is indeed a perfect way to begin our 30-day countdown to launch to show our excitement for something we have worked very hard for at this point.

Scheduling of Articles

Photo: JY-BAA, a Royal Jordanian Boeing 787-8 seen on approach into New York’s John F Kennedy International Airport. Photo Credit: Vincenzo Pace (@jfkjetsofficial)

With the photography feature now complete and scheduled, we have begun the process of picking the dates that we want to release our work to our audience.

As stated previously, we are aiming to release 10-15 articles per month, rather than succumbing to the pressure of the every-day news cycles that the team has done in the past in different mediums.

We can announce that the articles for launch day and the month of April have been finalised, with May and June still being arranged at this time.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn in order to keep a track of what is released.

Subscription Pricing

Obviously, we want to be transparent when it comes to the pricing of our subscription packages, especially for those generous enough when it comes to supporting us in what we do.

This is the current model we are looking at presently, with more about the Special Join Deal to be announced in the next few weeks.

At the moment, the subscribe payment methods don’t work as we have disabled them for the time being, so do not try and subscribe until we place announcements out saying it is ok to do so.

If you have any comments or feedback you would like to give us regarding this, then please email James Field via [email protected] – We welcome any and all feedback.

We Want to Say Thank You

Photo: JA875J, a Japan Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner seen on final approach at Los Angeles International Airport. Photo Credit: Vincenzo Pace (@jfkjetsofficial)

Once again, we want to say a massive thank you to everyone that has shown interest in this project so far. It has not gone unnoticed.

Without your support, we wouldn’t have the motivation and energy to get through this, especially with how difficult lockdowns due to the pandemic has made things.

We will be back with another update in the next week or so, with some more exciting announcements that we cannot announce as of yet so stay tuned!

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