AviationSource To Launch Newsletter To Its Audience

LONDON – AviationSource plans to launch a newsletter at the end of this month, following the company’s significant expansion over the last few weeks.

This newsletter will start off originally as a weekly newsletter and will move to daily dependent on demand and also the success of it as well.

Commenting on this news was Editor-in-Chief of AviationSource, James Field:

“Following our acquisition of AeroNewsX’ social media assets, this has unlocked a whole new audience base to us. We thank Dillon Shah for his cooperation in closing this deal, and we look forward to the future of this company. This newsletter has been established in direct result of this, as we wish to connect with our users and potential subscribers on a more personal level, of which a newsletter allows us to do so. We encourage all users and viewers of our site to sign up so then you can be ahead of our developments going forward.”

James Field – Editor-in-Chief at AviationSource

All users need is to input a name and email address and they will be signed up for it automatically!

To sign up for FREE, be sure to click here!

Please note you will need an account signed up with Google in order to register as this prevents spam users from accessing our form.

AviationSource has big things planned for this newsletter, and will look to include the following things:

  • Access to articles before they are even shared on social media.
  • Potential giveaways in the future.
  • Access to premium/paywall articles before they are locked.
  • And more!

So don’t delay, sign up for our newsletter today to reap the benefits of reading AviationSource!

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