Air China Boeing 777-39L departing Los Angeles International Airport in the sunset. Photo Credit: Vincenzo Pace (@jfkjetsofficial)

AviationSource Launch Update #1 – Where We Are Currently…

LONDON – Hello everyone and welcome to what is technically the first article to be published on the AviationSource website. Whilst we do not launch until March 30, the team would like to give everyone an update on where we are at currently.

This little update post will go over what we have completed up to now, as well as what we are still continuing to work on ahead of our launch day.

So without further ado, let’s get into it!

The Website

At the moment, the website is more or less 99% complete, with the theme and everything else all set up, including our Subscription side of the page.

Two Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-900s seen on stand at New York’s John F Kennedy International Airport. Photo Credit: Vincenzo Pace (@jfkjetsofficial)

At the time of writing, the subscription prices have not been set in stone just yet as continued discussions are ongoing. You cannot purchase a subscription until launch day as the payment method is disabled currently.

The navigation bar on our website will feature four categories which will be featured the most, consisting of Politics, Manufacturer, Airline and Airport News.

Other than that, we are continuing to work on our Privacy Policy as well as other things to ensure that everyone is safe when they are accessing the website and signing up when it comes to launch day!

Because of how far we have progressed, this was why we brought forward the launch by one month.


We are running full steam ahead at the moment when it comes to articles. At the time of writing this post, we have nearly 20 articles pending review and awaiting release.

Three UPS aircraft seen on the cargo ramp at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Photo Credit: Vincenzo Pace (@jfkjetsofficial)

I would like to thank our many guest writers who have contributed to this number. With that in mind, we aim to have around 30 articles that we will launch between launch day and June 2021, averaging around 10-15 articles released per month.

The USP behind AviationSource is that we are taking a more analytical approach towards writing articles, rather than just contributing to the over-saturated every-day news market.

This is also why we are offering a subscription model too, as some of the pieces we are releasing will be exclusive and will be something well-sought after. So when it comes to launch day, please consider subscribing!

AviationSource also has some exciting news to announce, but due to talks with this company, we will not be announcing this until all articles are completed. Be sure to keep an eye out on our social media for more information as it comes.

Social Media

Another thing that we are aiming to do with our social media is to launch a 30-day photographer showcase leading up to the March 30 launch day.

To enter and to have a chance of being featured within that 30-day period, make sure to follow the instructions on James’ Twitter thread in order to enter. Be sure also to send photos over to his email via [email protected]

By the time we get to launch day, we intend on having another article released which will showcase these 30 photographers in one article and one article alone. So be sure to enter and good luck to everyone involved!

That’s About It For Now!

TC-LJI, a Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-3F2(ER) seen landing at San Francisco International Airport. Photo Credit: Vincenzo Pace (@jfkjetsofficial)

Whilst this has been a brief update, that is where we are up to at this stage. Be sure to look out for more updates from us regarding the launch of the website via our social media platforms.

Other than that, the team at AviationSource hopes that you enjoy what is going to be the beginning of what will be a large adventure for us three in this organisation.

Enjoy your week!

-James Field – Editor-in-Chief

-Tomos Howells – Chief Executive Officer

-Thomas Saunders – Chief Development Officer

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