AviationSource Confirms Attendance of First-Ever Event!: The Northern Pacific Airways Livery Reveal!

LONDON – AviationSource is proud to announce the attendance of its first-ever event since its launch in 2021! The Northern Pacific Airways Livery Reveal!

Tomorrow, our writer and Chief Development Officer, Thomas Saunders, will be flying out to San Bernadino tomorrow to cover this exciting event.

Commenting on this news was the AviationSource Editor-in-Chief James Field, who will be providing coverage and help to Thomas while he is at the event:

“2022 is the beginning of our second full year in operation, and what better than getting invited to our first event? We are very excited to provide coverage of this to our audience and I myself am looking forward to the information and coverage that Mr. Saunders will provide to us as well”.

What coverage can you expect from this event on our site?

Over the next couple of days, you are going to see some exciting content from us during this event, and even after.

First off, on the day of the event, you will receive live coverage via a blog as well as on our two social media accounts being @AvSourceLive on Twitter as well as @AvSourceLive on Instagram.

To get most of the information needed, this will be on our live blog which will be shared on our social media over the next few days.

A second article will be released, giving overall thoughts to the livery event, and what this will now mean for the carrier.

The third piece will feature an exclusive 15-minute interview with the airline’s CEO Rob McKinney, where he will answer some of our hard and well-thought questions, which will be released after the event.

When this interview is released, it will be off the paywall for a maximum of 24 hours for our viewers to read. If you like what you see on that day, then please consider subscribing to AviationSource as that would mean the world to us and support us in what we love doing the most!

Finally, when Mr. Saunders is on his way home, he will be providing a trip report offering a comparison between what it is like to fly transatlantic on JetBlue compared to a different legacy carrier that operates there as well.

An exciting couple of days ahead…

Be sure to keep an eye out on our social media and our website over the next few days, as we provide live and detailed coverage on our first-ever event here at AviationSource!

We would like to thank Northern Pacific Airways for this invite, as well as Thomas Saunders for generously going out to that event to cover this for us.

I personally hope that you enjoy what you see, and we are so excited to showcase this to you all!

Speak to you all next week!

James Field

Editor-in-Chief of AviationSource News

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