AviaAM Becomes Boeing 777-300ERMF Launch Customer

Photo Credit: Mammoth Freighters

LONDON – Mammoth Freighters has announced that AviaAM leasing will become the launch customer for the new Boeing 777-300ERMF freighter conversion program.

AviaAM has signed a conversion sales agreement for six units of the type and is part of the company’s new investment strategy of being involved in other freighter projects.

With this in mind, this means that Mammoth has firm orders for 23 777 Freighter conversions, with another 17 777-300ER conversions in advanced stages of commitment, bringing their orderbook to 40.

Executive Comments…

Bill Tarpley, the Co-CEO of Mammoth Freighters, had this to say on the deal:

“We are excited that AviaAM has selected Mammoth and will be the launch customer for the 777-300ERMF”.

“As AviaAM expands its strategic focus in the cargo sector, the superior widebody operating economics of the Mammoth 777-300ERMF will perfectly complement their growing fleet of next-generation freighters.”

The other Co-CEO, Bill Wagner, also commented on the order:

“The Mammoth 777-300ERMF is a fuel efficient, high-volume, heaving lifting, a long-range freighter that will reliably serve the global air cargo market for decades to come”.

“We are grateful to partner with AviaAM and look forward to supporting their fleet growth initiatives with Mammoth 777-300ERMF freighters.”

Also commenting on the news was Tadas Goberis, the Chairman and CEO of AviaAM Leasing:

“We are pleased to begin collaborating with Mammoth, a Boeing Licensee for the Boeing 777-300ER passenger to freighter conversions”.

“With a deeply experienced leadership team, state-of-the-art P2F conversion facilities, and flexible attitude, I trust together we will meet the demand for wide-body converted freighters to replace aging ones and accommodate future growth across our group airlines’ fleet.”

“Our new partnership exemplifies AviaAM‘s strategic effort to expand our presence in the air cargo market, further strengthening our position as a reliable and world-class leasing and trading services provider.“

Planning Ahead: Market Heating Up…

The first and conformity 777-300ER of this order will commence the conversion process in early 2023 and will take place at Aspire MRO’s state-of-the-art facility at Alliance Airport in Fort Worth, Texas.

Upon redelivery, the aircraft will be able to carry 99 tons of cargo on transatlantic routes and is expected to serve EU-USA or China-EU trunk routes.

Mammoth Freighters do appear to be storming ahead with orders and could become competitive with the likes of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), who are currently building the 777-300ERSF as well.

With there being an equal level of orders for either side, it does appear to be the case that they are quite similar in terms of product offerings to respective customers.


This is a major milestone for Mammoth Freighters, who have made a great start to their existing orderbook. The next steps are on how the company can grow from here.

Maintaining a backlog is so important, as it keeps jobs alive, as well as the respective freighter programs alive as well, so all eyes will be on them to keep this up.

As for AviaAM Leasing, they will definitely be able to find customers for this type of aircraft, especially as the cargo and e-commerce market continues to intensify.

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