ASL Group Chooses Lilium to Provide Sustainable Air Mobility

Photo Credit: Lilium

LONDON – The Belgium-based ASL Group has partnered up with Lilium, a company striving to make sustainable air mobility in the form of an all-electric VTOL Jet transporter for its customers.

The deal

ASL Group has signed an agreement to work together with Lilium to develop the electric version of a VTOL air transport plane that is able to provide sustainable air mobility to its customers in Benelux. The ASL Group is intending to finalize their order for initially 6 Lilium Jets and will cooperate with them to develop a network of landing sites in the Benelux.

Daniel Wiegand, CEO of Lilium, said: “ASL Group is a truly innovative company with a vision to provide the best services for its customers, evaluating how to best transform our industry to minimize CO2 emissions.”

“Our aircraft performance and low noise profile will be a great addition to ASL’s fleet. With the highest population density in Europe, Benelux represents a perfect use case for eVTOL transportation, and we are proud to support ASL’s development in the region”.

Philippe Bodson, owner and CEO of ASL Group, said: “Our company is constantly seeking new ways to operate responsibly and contribute to a healthy future, both socially and ecologically.”

“The Lilium Jet is a great opportunity to provide better value to our customers in a sustainable way. With zero operating emissions, vertical take-off landing capability, and a spacious premium cabin, Lilium represents the best option on the market.”


The current market is seeking alternative and sustainable ways to travel, and those days are slowly becoming real. For example, Universal Hydrogen is going to cooperate with Avmax Leasing, who will provide the planes of the lessees with hydrogen fuel.

And more recently, ASL Group and Lilium, who will both cooperate to create more sustainable eVTOL air mobility aircraft and landing sites within the Benelux for their customers.

It’s deals like these that are helping the development and creation of sustainable planes for the foreseeable future. Airlines such as ASL can make great use of these eVTOL planes, as they operate exclusive private planes all around the world while being based in Belgium and the Netherlands.

The addition of these types of planes will surely go great around the Benelux area, as in the western part of the Netherlands, there is a lot of business going on, with a lot of travel to and from Belgium. In addition, these planes would not only decrease travel time, but it would also contribute to a safe travel environment compared to the cars that are often being used.

It would also serve as a great stepping stone for other competitors near the area, as they would be pressured to develop their own sustainable alternative form of transportation.

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