American Airlines and TSA to Introduce New Security Technology

Photo Credit: American Airlines

LONDON – American Airlines have introduced a new way to pass through security in collaboration with TSA PreCheck.

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Travelers who are flying with American Airlines and are part of the TSA PreCheck are now able to pass through security a lot faster with the newly launched Mobile-ID.

That way, people are able to scan their face and their ID with the app, and once they arrive at security, they can use the app to easily pass through security within a matter of minutes.

The passengers who are traveling from Dallas Forth Worth (DFW) airport are able to the Mobile-ID at the TSA checkpoints throughout the entire airport.

American has plans to if proven successful, expand the entire program to other airports such as Miami International Airport (MIA), Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX), Washington Reagan National Airport (DCA), and more later this year.

“We’re committed to making our customers’ journeys easier, and airport waypoints provide significant opportunities for innovation,” said Julie Rath, Vice President of Customer Experience, Loyalty, and Marketing for American.

“By simplifying the identity verification process and other points at the airport, we’re helping our customers exchange stress for convenience and saved time, and propelling the travel industry further along the path to a truly seamless customer experience.” 


This program ensures efficiency for both the passengers and the TSA, as the airport won’t be needing as many staff members per lane to check each and every passenger, who can take several minutes trying to verify the identity.

With the installment of this program, however, the airport would do just fine with less, and the passengers can get through security a lot faster.

The passenger won’t be needing to take out their passports or their (certain verified) driver’s license, as you are able to scan it from your app to verify your identity.

“We’re thankful for our stakeholders’ collaboration and support in driving the industry forward to offer innovative security checkpoint solutions to help customers safely and securely travel,” said Kriste Jordan-Smith, Federal Security Director, DFW Airport, for TSA.

“We’ll continue to take an agile approach to develop a stress-free and secure traveling experience for TSA PreCheck passengers, and look forward to expanding this technology in the future.” 

This program may also be able to ease up many of the challenges the airport is facing due to its staff shortages. Now that there is less staff required for security, the airport is able to use the extra staff for other places on the airport that require certain logistical gaps to be filled.

The idea of creating such technology is very impressive, however, it is a shame that this is only available for American Airlines customers, as many other airlines would benefit from such a smooth pass from security.

It would be a big shame if American Airlines would capitalize on the technology as well, as while this technology could be seen as a privilege, it would help at many places around the world, such as Amsterdam Airport Schiphol or London Heathrow, which are both suffering with staff shortages as well.

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