Akasa Air’s New Milestones: New MAX Aircraft &  India’s Greenest Fleet 

Photo Credit: Akasa Air

LONDON – India’s newest airline Akasa Air will soon become India’s greenest and most environmentally friendly airline. The airline has an ambitious plan to operate 72 Boeing 737MAXs within the next 5 years. 

In  Mumbai, on the 16th of June, 2022, the country’s newest airline  Akasa Air, welcomed its first-ever Boeing 737MAX from Seattle in the United States.

The airline has a very bold and a strong commitment to ‘democratize’ the skies of India, this means, making air travel more affordable than ever.

The airline has 72 Boeing 737MAXs on order, with its first 18 extremely fuel-efficient jets to be delivered by March of next year (2023). This leaves a very ambitious four years for Boeing, to deliver the remaining 54 aircraft until 2027! 

As a reaction to the successful delivery of the first-ever MAX aircraft,  Vinay Dube – Founder, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Akasa Air said:

“This is indeed a symbolic milestone in the journey of Akasa Air, bringing us one step closer to the process of obtaining our Air Operator’s Permit (AOP) and leading to our commercial launch.”

“While we are extremely happy with this achievement, we want to keep ourselves focussed on the task of delivering on our vision to transform India’s air transportation ecosystem, support the nation’s economic growth engine and help fellow Indians chase their dreams”.

Dube added: “We are grateful to Boeing and Griffin for their trust in us and for supporting us early in our journey. I and our team are looking forward to receiving our first aircraft in Delhi early next week as it arrives from Seattle”. 

Moreover, Stan Deal, Boeing Commercial Airplanes president, and CEO said: “We are honored to deliver the first 737 MAX to Akasa Air, India’s newest airline focused on making air travel inclusive and affordable for all”.

He further commented: “Flying an advanced, environmentally progressive 737 MAX fleet with greater fuel efficiency and lower operating costs will enable Akasa Air to profitably serve the Indian market while passing those savings on to its passengers.”

Akasa Air seems to have chosen the correct aircraft for its fleet.

The Boeing  737 MAX aircraft delivers fuel efficiency, which is suitable for regional jets, flying in India, where prices tend to be low, this gives flexibility and operational competitiveness for airlines like Akasa Air to operate reliably while reducing fuel use and carbon emissions.

The aircraft also provides the lowest seat-mile costs for a single-aisle airplane as well as low turn-around time for airlines to dispatch, allowing the aircraft to operate on a tight schedule.

Moreover, the new aircraft is reliable despite its questionable past, but with the improved and updated aircraft, passengers can rest their minds when flying on the new MAX aircraft.

Lastly, the MAX aircraft, means less noise, new interior design, and better ergonomics which will give the airline the edge out of all the carriers flying in the country.

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