Airbus Forecasts Need For Over 17,600 New Aircraft in Asia-Pacific Region By 2040

LONDON – At the Singapore Air Show, Airbus has forecasted the need for over 17,600 new aircraft in the Asia-Pacific region by 2040.

It is understood that 30% of the 17,620-strong figure will be replacements for older and less fuel-efficient aircraft.

The breakdown for the 17,620 figure is as follows:

  • 13,660 – Small category – A220 and A320 Family.
  • 2,470 – Medium category – A330 family.
  • 1,490 – Large category – A350 family.

It is understood also that due to cargo traffic being forecast to grow at a rate of 3.6% per annum, around 2,440 freighters will be needed, of which 880 will be newly built.

Airbus’ sales chief Christian Scherer commented on this news, attributing it to the global recovery in air traffic:

“We are seeing a global recovery in air traffic and as travel restrictions are further eased the Asia-Pacific region will become one of its main drivers again.”

“We are confident of a strong rebound in the region’s traffic and expect it to reach 2019 levels between 2023 and 2025”.

“With an ever-greater focus on efficiency and sustainable aviation in the region, our products are especially well-positioned.”

Airbus will of course be wanting to secure some more orders off the back of this forecast announcement, with some orders from previous airshows being firmed up already.

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