AirAsia India Introduces Taxibot, Aircraft Continues To Have Technical Snags

Venkat Mangudi, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

LONDON – As the Aviation industry returns to its pre-Covid pandemic level all the airlines are trying to maximize their profit during this time to recover from the losses incurred Ring the COVID-19 pandemic.

In one such move, Air Asia India has now started using ”Taxibot” for its flight at Bengaluru international airport. AirAsia India already uses taxis bought for some of its modified A320 aircraft in Delhi international airport.

Taxibot is a vehicle that is used to push back the aircraft from the stand and taxi it to the runway without having to switch on its engine which will have a huge impact on the fuel consumption of the aircraft which will, in turn, save more fuel for the airline and also reduce the carbon emission.

This vehicle will also taxi the aircraft back to stand once it lands, with the current aviation fuel prices in the country this technology will help the airline in saving money.

Air Asia India said in a press release “AirAsia India today flagged off the commencement of Taxibot operations at Bengaluru international airport, following successful trials and subsequent implementation at Delhi international airport”.

KSU Aviation which is the only such company that offers Taxibot services in India is the provider of Taxibot at Bengaluru International Airport as well. Air Asia India plans to use this service in other cities as well.

Technical Snags On Their Aircraft…

In other business coming out of Air Asia India are two aircraft registered as VT-APJ and VT-RED operating Delhi-Srinagar returned to Delhi International Airport due to a technical snag developed by the aircraft mid-air.

The first aircraft operated by VT-APJ took off from Delhi international airport as per the schedule for Srinagar.

According to the data available on, approximately after 30 to 35 minutes the aircraft developed a snag mid-air and the pilot decided to turn back and return to Delhi international airport the aircraft safely landed at Delhi International Airport.

After a delay, the passengers were then told that a new aircraft has been arranged to take them to Srinagar. The new aircraft arranged with registration VT-RED (A320) then took off from Delhi to Srinagar.

Similar to the last flight once the aircraft was airborne even this aircraft developed a technical snag and the pilots had to return to Delhi international airport. Passengers were later told by the airline that they could either take a full refund for their ticket or can rebook themselves on this route for the next 30 days.

In a statement to “The Pioneer,” Air Asia India’s spokesperson said “AirAsia India confirms that flight from Delhi to Srinagar had to return back to Delhi on account of a technical snag. The aircraft is being operated after rectification of the snag to recover continuity of operations to and from Srinagar. We regret the inconvenience and disruption to the travel plans of our guests and reaffirm our commitment to safety in all our operations.”

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