Air India plans to get its Grounded Aircraft back into operation

An Air India Boeing Dreamliner climbs out after takeoff.
Masakatsu Ukon, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

LONDON – As the world returns from the pandemic of COVID-19 every airline in the world is trying to ramp up its capacity to pre-Covid era.

Air India the Indian national carrier which was recently privatized and sold to Tata, the new owners have now begun to work on creating a new image of the airline.

From revamping and proper utilization of staff to create an image the new owners are working on it.

One such news coming out of Air India is that the airline Is currently working on getting its grounded aircraft back in the air.

There has been many instances where we have heard as to how Air India was grounding its new aircraft just because it had lack of spares for the existing aircraft, when it was under the control of government of India the airline didn’t have funds and it was hardly making any profit which made it very difficult to maintain and run the current fleet and solution the airline found was to ground the new aircraft or any existing aircraft of similar type and to extract  spares from them in order to make sure the other aircraft are in working condition.

But once Tata has taken over Air India, the airline now has no lack of funds, with this newfound source of fund Air India is now trying to create a better impression among the Indian travelers.

Air India has several narrow-bodied and wide-body aircraft which is been parked in the hangers due to a lack of spares. According to the news reported by business-standard Air India is now currently working on getting all those grounded aircraft operational again.

With the COVID-19 restrictions easing all around the country and the world passenger‘s demand has increased in the country and Air India wants to leave no stone unturned to make sure that it taps its profit from this current demand.

The situation was worse when Air India was under government control as many reports had emerged as to how Air India was grounding its brand-new 787 so that it could utilize its spares to keep other 787 operational.

According to a news report published by Economic Times in 2019, it was reported that the cash-strapped Air India had then grounded 20 of its aircraft due to lack of spares.

It was reported that out of the 20 grounded aircrafts 14 were Airbus A320s, four were B786-800s and the remaining were Boeing 777”s.

It’s still remain unknown that how many aircraft would then put back into action as the airline continued to have financial troubles and never reported any profit.

Now with the Tata bank in control of the Air India, things might turn out good for the airline. Air India is well established and has a strong network, but it was never utilized properly and lost its Pax due to sub-standard service.

After the decision is taken as to how will Vistara and Air India will exist in the market, the airline has big orders in the plan which will make it more profitable.

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