Air France-KLM’s Flying Blue Expands Setup With New Partnerships

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LONDON – Flying Blue, the Air France-KLM Group’s frequent flyer program, expands its offering to meet families’ necessities and wishes.

The program has now a total of 17 million active members all over the world and is thought to be one of the best frequent flyer programs worldwide since its wide range of services and benefits is also available outside the “airport areas” such as banks, restaurants, hotel, and other services for both business and leisure travelers.

The program in detail

With the new Flying Blue Family, every Flying Blue member who is over 18 years old can decide to create a “Flying Blue Family”, meaning a group that can be composed of up to 8 relatives (with a maximum of 2 adults and 6 children) in which it is possible to transfer miles from the other members’ accounts to the leader account at any time.

Miles that will be shared in this way will be eligible for offers and the program’s rewards, thus any member of the family will be able to benefit from the new service.

A clarifying example

Let’s assume that Flying Blue gives, as a reward, a free ticket on international routes at the cost of 2400 miles flown. Assuming that, every member of a family should travel for 2400 miles before being eligible for getting a free ticket.

Now the leader of the group can easily transfer all miles to him and get a free ticket benefitting also from other members’ miles without waiting that he or she has effectively flown 2400 miles.

A new campaign for promoting the new service

Also, thanks to the agency Isobar, Flying Blue worked at a new campaign presenting “Flying Blue Family”. The 60 seconds film is directed by Ugo Manguin and describes all the members of a family having a debate over their next destination option.

The short film can be seen on

Flying Blue accompanies all families

Flying Blue also offers additional benefits especially designed for kids and teens.

Their miles won’t expire anymore, and award tickets will be available with 25% discounts for children aged 2 to 11 traveling with an adult.

A new partnership with Land of Fashion…

A new partnership has been signed in late February with the shopping villages society to offer Flying Blue customers new dedicated services for their shopping time.

All Flying Blue frequent flyers are now available to earn miles buying products in the more than 600 boutiques owned by the Land of Fashion in Italy.

The miles will be automatically registered on the customer’s Flying Blue card and 1 euro will correspond to 1 earned mile.

And LimoLane!

Not just shopping, the Air France-KLM loyalty program has also signed an agreement with LimoLane, a digital marketplace for car rental with drivers.

In this specific case, every Flying Blue member will acquire a total of 5 miles eligible for awards and offers for every euro spent using the app of LimoLane.

And moreover, the new partnership is accompanied by a special offer, for every euro spent on LimoLane before June 30th, every Flying Blue member will earn 10 miles instead of 5!

Flying Blue is definitely flying high.

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