AB Aviation and Heston Airlines agree on cooperation

A Heston Airlines Airbus with landing gear down.
Anna Zvereva, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

LONDON – AB Aviation and Heston Airlines has agreed on a cooperation in order to start the development of new routes from Paris, France, to Moroni, Comoros. Both companies see this as an opportunity to boost international growth, and plans for a future where Comoros is in the travel network.

The agreement details

On November 10, Lithuanian carrier Heston Airlines, and AB Aviation, a private regional airline in Comoros, has partnered up in order to create greater connectivity offers for domestic travellers, along with a new route connecting France’ capital of Paris, with Comoros’ city Moroni.

Besides a new route and greater connectivity, the new agreement enables a sustainable international growth in favor of both parts.

With this, and next years tourism levels exceeding and estimated to exceed pre-pandemic levels, both companies are hard at work, preparing for a future in which Comoros is integrated in the international travel network.

The airline scheduled to operate the Paris to Moroni-flight, Heston Airlines, are going to operate the flights with their Airbus A330-200 aircraft, containing a two class configuration, with 18 Business Class seats and 266 Economy Class-seats.

Beneficial route?

The new route is quite an interesting one, with Moroni being a small island in the Comoros Islands, located just north of Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean. Though it’s an interesting route, could there be benefits from it?

Currently, no airlines other than Ethiopian Airlines and Kenya Airways operate to the Moroni Island, although they don’t proceed with a direct flight from Paris. Ethiopian’s flight runs through Dar-es-Salaam before Moroni, and Kenya Airways flies from Nairobi.

However, flights to the island would likely be possible, as both Kenya Airways and Ethiopian Airlines operate from Paris, making the question of whether the flights can be booked in a connecting ticket seem reasonable.

Heston Airlines and AB Aviation could be likely to go off with the victory here, as it would create the only direct flight between the two cities, to days date.

It is a well known fact that people enjoy getting to their destination as quick as possible, which would definitely benfit the customers for this flight, as they could avoid a potential two-stop layover in Addis Ababa and Dar-es-Salaam, or a one-stop-layover in Nairobi.

Also, they don’t seem pessimistic at all, given that both companies are preparing greatly for a future where Comoros is a part of the international travel network, also leaving a slight hope for further continuation of these flights, and possibly increased frequency.

However, time will show the results, as it can go both ways.


As this would be the only direct route connecting Paris and Moroni, it wouldn’t be unlikely that this is an offer that Heston’s & AB Aviation’s customers, can take great use of, given that most people find layovers and flight changes unattractive at most.

However, the agreement does give an additional boost for both companies, as both companies look at the great possibilities for sustainable international growth.

Heston Airlines’ A330-200 aircraft is also a great choice to utilize for this flight, given the aircraft type’s range as well as it’s ample seat capacity.

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