French aircraft manufacturer Dassault targets Middle East market

A Dassault Falcon10X equipped with Rolls-Royce Pearl 10X engines
Photo Credit: Dassault

LONDON – The Dubai Air Show is around the corner, and every manufacturer is preparing the display to the best of their best. French manufacturer Dassault Aviation is amongst those with its eyes on the lucrative Middle Eastern market.

The Dassault Falcon 8X will soon shine and return to MEBAA 2022 the Middle East and North Africa Business Aviation show (6th-9th December), where it is expected to make lots of sales of its flagship Falcon 8X.

The 8X is expected to be a leader at the show, due to the region’s growing need for its long-range, large-cabin models. This trend has been increasing globally ever since, and Dassault Falcon is capitalising on this.

Dassault in the Middle East

The Middle Eastern market is considered lucrative, as there are up to 75 Falcons in the region. The manufacturer also noted that its large-cabin variants such as Falcon 8X with 6,450 nautical mile capabilities comprise a third of the entire Falcons in the Middle East and North Africa.

The number of Falcons in the region is anticipated to grow further in the upcoming years, with the introduction of the 6X and the 10X.

With the Falcon 8X having its moment at the 2018 MEBAA, the flagship Falcon 8X can fly nonstop between Dubai and Adelaide, Jeddah and Sao Paulo and New York and Dubai, and impressive city pairing indeed.

Moreover, to add more convenience for pilots and the safety of occupants, the manufacturer added features such as the FalconEye and the dual head-up display which allows pilots to fly the aircraft into hostile and low visibility approach with a 100-foot minimum.

This is also coupled with a great advisory warning system for short runway operations, which includes airports like London City Airport and Engadin in Switzerland. 

Dassault also noted that they have received an impressive amount of orders from Middle Eastern-based customers for the latest 6X machine, which is touted to be serviceable by mid-2023.

The 6X has been proven to be more popular than expected in the region shortly after its introduction. The 6X is currently in its final stages of flight testing. 

Falcon also touted the upcoming long-range Falcon, which is expected to be introduced to the market by 2025.

As the jets fleet continues to grow in the region, Dassault Aviation has also expanded its servicing capabilities which include the planned opening of an Execujet MRO Services which is 15,000-sq-m (163,000-sq-ft) centre in early 2023 at Dubai World Central.

This new service will cater for the ever-booming Middle Eastern Market and Dassault operators in the Gulf region will be better served.

In fact, the new service at Dubai’s secondary airport, Al Maktoum International Airport will be able to cater to between 18 and 24 aircraft simultaneously and will be able to handle complex MRO tasks, ranging from line maintenance to major overhauls and checks.

Who and What is ExecuJet?

ExecuJet is an MRO arm of Dassault, that provides services for other manufacturers as well, not only exclusive to the Falcons. They service regionally and cater to in-transit aircraft.

All-in-all, the long-range large cabin market is gaining ground in the region, and the French manufacturer is sparing no time in capitalizing on this opportunity.

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