Embraer Enters Air Freight Market

Embraer E195F Render
Embraer E195F Render (Photo: Embraer)

LONDON – Embraer has announced their entry into the freight market with the E190F and E195F aircraft. Production of the aircraft will be via a passenger to freight conversion.

Entry into service is expected in 2024. All pre-owned E190 and E195 aircraft are eligible for conversion. Embraer foresees a requirement for approximately 700 E-Jet P2F sized aircraft within the next 20 years.

“Perfectly positioned to fill the gap in the freighter market between turboprops and larger narrow-body jets, our P2F E-Jet conversion hits the market as the demand for airfreight continues to takeoff, and as e-commerce and trade in general undergoes a global structural transformation,” said Arjan Meijer, President and CEO Embraer Commercial Aviation.

Economic Advantages

Embraer see several gaps that the E-Jet P2F series of aircraft can fill. Older E-Jets are coming up to 15 years old, and coming out of leases. By converting these aircraft to freighters, passenger carriers will be encouraged to convert their fleets to quieter and more efficient fleets, such as the Embraer E2 range. This is a similar strategy to Airbus with their A321 P2F conversions.

Additionally, current narrow-body freight aircraft are ageing and coming up upon retirement. Current trends seem to be moving towards older Boeing 737s and ATRs.

Decentralised cargo operations is the final gap Embraer sees the E-Jet P2F filling. The aircraft’s regional flight roots means the aircraft can operate to small regional airports and large international hubs without issue.

Embraer E-Jet P2F will have over 50% more volume capacity and three times the range of large cargo turboprops. Additionally, the aircraft should have up to 30% lower operational costs compared to narrow-body aircraft.

“The E-Jet air freighters will provide fast, reliable, and cost effective service to freight forwarders, extend the revenue earning life of E-Jets, support E-Jets’ asset values, and create a strong business case encouraging the replacement of earlier aircraft with modern, more efficient, passenger aircraft,” said Johann Bordais, President & CEO, Embraer Services and Support. “With more than 1,600 E-Jets delivered globally, customers of this new freighter segment will benefit from well established, mature, global services network, in addition to a comprehensive portfolio of products ready to support their operation from day one.”

Embraer will undertake the conversion at their facilities in Brazil.

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