Deutsche Aircraft Delays D328eco Entry into Service

A Deutsche Aircraft D328eco aircraft in flight.
Photo Credit: Deutsche Aircraft

Deutsche Aircraft, a leading German aircraft manufacturer, has announced an update to the entry-into-service (EIS) timeline for its D328eco, a 40-seater regional turboprop.

The company has pushed back the entry-into-service (EIS) target date to Q4 2027. This adjustment reflects the complexities of the certification process and evolving regulatory requirements.

The decision comes after extensive internal discussions and collaboration with customers, potential operators, industry partners, and key stakeholders.

While the revised timeline allows for a more thorough certification process, it also presents an opportunity to incorporate additional features and improvements into the D328eco.

Progress Update on D238eco Program

Deutsche Aircraft remains actively engaged with its partners and suppliers to ensure the continued progress of the D328eco program.

Potential enhancements under consideration include further refinement of Short Take-off and Landing (STOL) performance, particularly for challenging operating environments.

Deutsche Aircraft is actively exploring advanced avionics capabilities to further enhance the D328eco’s overall performance.

A Deutsche Aircraft D328eco aircraft in flight.
Photo Credit: Deutsche Aircraft

The manufacturer will implement these modifications within the existing certification framework, guaranteeing a smooth transition.

This will align the D328eco even more closely with market demands for both commercial and multi-role operations.

Product and Systems Enhancements

The global aviation manufacturing supply chain continues to experience pressure, but Deutsche Aircraft is fortunate to have a strong network of supportive partners across the industry. These collaborations play a vital role in driving the D328eco program forward.

“The EIS realignment for the D328eco allows us to explore further product enhancements,” stated Dave Jackson, CEO of Deutsche Aircraft.

“We are encouraged by the significant progress achieved to date. This includes successful certification discussions with EASA, and the commencement of construction for our final assembly line in Leipzig.

“We have secured over 95% of our suppliers, including those crucial for future growth markets. We look forward to announcing additional milestones at the upcoming Farnborough International Airshow.”

Coordinator for Aerospace Policy with Deutsche Aircraft staff in hangar with D328 test aircraft.
Photo Credit: Deutsche Aircraft

Building upon the success of the D328-100, the D328eco offers cutting-edge features like a state-of-the-art Garmin avionics suite.  The PW127XT-S engines will be fully compatible with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) upon entry into service.

These advancements position the D328eco as a truly modern and eco-friendly turboprop, well-equipped for the demands of 21st-century aviation.

“The continued interest and positive response from diverse market segments further validates the D328eco,” added Jackson.

“The dedication of our team, the support of our industry partners, and the invaluable contributions from regional and multi-role operators during the development process are instrumental to our success.”


Deutsche Aircraft is a German aircraft manufacturer on a mission to revolutionize regional air travel.

Building on the rich heritage of Dornier, a pioneering name in aviation, Deutsche Aircraft leverages cutting-edge technology and a commitment to sustainability.

The manufacturer’s D328eco, a 40-seater regional turboprop, takes aim at both exceptional performance and environmental responsibility.

The aircraft boasts advanced features, spacious cabin, superior fuel efficiency, and exceptional operational capabilities.

The D328eco is poised to revolutionize regional air travel, positioning Deutsche Aircraft as a key player in the future of sustainable aviation.

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