Bombardier Kicks Off Brazil Demo Tour in São Paulo

A Bombardier Global 7500 in flight over the ocean.
Photo Credit: Bombardier

This week, Bombardier is showcasing its portfolio of business jets at the Catarina Aviation Show in São Paulo, Brazil, spotlighting the Global 7500 and Challenger 3500.

This event marks the first stop on a Brazilian demo tour for the aircraft manufacturer.

It will highlight the exceptional performance and luxurious cabin experience offered by the record-setting Global 7500 and the best-selling Challenger 3500.

Global 7500: Long-Range Performance

The Global 7500 takes center stage, boasting unrivalled performance and design attributes. The aircraft boasts a top speed exceeding Mach 0.925 and an industry-leading range of 7,700 nautical miles (14,260 km).

This aircraft effortlessly connects business travelers in São Paulo to key destinations like Dubai, London, Tel Aviv, New York, and Geneva on nonstop flights.

A Bombardier Global 7500 in flight over Mojave desert.
Photo Credit: Bombardier

The secret to the Global 7500’s success lies in its innovative Smooth Flĕx Wing. This marvel of aerodynamics delivers exceptional speed, superior takeoff and landing distances, and an incredibly smooth ride. At the same time, it minimizes fuel consumption and emissions.

Additionally, its impressive hot and high runway performance allows access to challenging airfields, outperforming many competitors.

Interior: Luxury Redefined

Stepping inside the Global 7500 reveals a revolution in business jet cabins. It was the first to offer a full-size bedroom alongside ample seating for passengers.

Passengers can experience unparalleled comfort with industry-leading features like the revolutionary Nuage seat, boasting the first-ever zero-gravity position.

High-speed internet connectivity and impeccably designed living areas solidify the Global 7500’s position as the ultimate home in the sky.

Challenger 3500: Unrivaled Comfort and Reliability

The Challenger 3500 stands out for its exceptional comfort, impressive performance, and signature smooth Bombardier ride.

Built upon the legacy of the iconic Challenger super-midsize platform, it elevates the passenger experience by incorporating features from the renowned Global family, including the Nuage seat.

Bombardier Challenger 3500 aircraft flying over coastline.
Photo Credit: Bombardier

The Challenger family is renowned for its industry-leading reliability and safety record. There are currently over 950 Challenger 300 series jets in operation worldwide.

The Challenger 3500 upholds this tradition, boasting a remarkable dispatch reliability exceeding 99.8%. This is similar to record of its stablemate, the Global 7500.

Bombardier’s Commitment to the Brazilian Market

Bombardier recognizes the significance of the Brazilian market, not only for business jets but also for its growing defense segment.

With close to 600 Bombardier aircraft operating across Latin America, a dedicated sales team will be present to showcase these exceptional offerings at the Catarina Aviation Show.

Strong On-Site Support Network

Customers in the region can enjoy peace of mind with Bombardier’s industry-leading service network.

This includes the dedicated Authorized Service Facility (ASF) MAGA Aviation located at Catarina Airport in São Paulo.

MAGA provides comprehensive line maintenance, genuine Bombardier parts, and tooling for all Learjet, Challenger, and Global aircraft.


The Brazilian market remains a key sector for business jets. 600 Bombardier aircraft are already operating in Latin America, with Brazil being the most important market in the region.

The vast size of Brazil and underdeveloped infrastructure in some areas make private aviation a necessity for business travel. This translates to a high demand for business jets.

Due to its size, underserved commercial aviation options, and growing demand for efficient business travel solutions, Bombardier is rightly holding the region in focus.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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