United Airlines 757 Loses a Wheel on Takeoff From Los Angeles LAX

A United Airlines 757 tales off from Los Angeles LAX
Eric Salard, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A main gear wheel has detached from a United Airlines flight during its departure from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on Monday 8 July 2024.

Following the takeoff incident, the flight, operated by a Boeing 757-200, continued to the destination Denver International Airport (DEN).

United Airlines UA1001 Los Angeles-Denver

Flight track of United Airlines UA1001 from Los Angeles LAX to Denver.

United Airlines flight UA1001, a Boeing 757-200 aircraft, was departing from LAX around 7:15am PT on July 8th, 2024.

Shortly after its takeoff from runway 25R, a wheel assembly detached from the aircraft’s main landing gear.

Video via Twitter/X

The flight which was carrying 181 occupants continued to the destination airport, where it landed without further incident.

The aircraft landed safely at Denver International Airport (DEN) just before 11:00am local time. There were no reported injuries among the 174 passengers and 7 crew members on board.

According to authorities, there were no injuries or damage sustained on the ground as a result of the wheel detachment.

A United Airlines Boeing 757-200 on the ground.
U-95, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The aircraft conducting the UA1001 domestic service from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) was a Boeing 757-200, registered N14107. This is a 29.8 year old aircraft belonging to the US carrier United Airlines.

It has been in operational service with the airline since October 2010. Prior to its service with United the aircraft operated with Continental Airlines from its initial factory delivery in October 1994.

Investigation Underway

United Airlines has recovered the lost wheel and launched a full investigation to determine what caused the incident. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is also expected to investigate the matter.

Following the incident United Airlines issued a confirming statement. “The wheel has been recovered in Los Angeles, and we are investigating what caused this event,” the statement read.

This week’s LAX incident is similar to one that occurred in March, involving a United Airlines Boeing 777-200 in San Francisco.

In the March incident, a wheel assembly detached from the aircraft during its takeoff from San Francisco Airport (SFO). Remnants from the detached wheel assembly fell onto the airport’s employee parking lot, damaging several parked vehicles.

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