Smartlynx 737 MAX 8 Rejects Takeoff in Dalaman

MarcelX42, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A Smartlynx Malta flight preparing to depart for Manchester rejected takeoff at Dalaman, Turkey on 9 June 2024.

Smartlynx Malta flight TOM213, a Boeing 737 MAX 8, was operating the service to Manchester on behalf of TUI Airways.

Smartlynx TOM213 Dalaman-Manchester

The flight crew rejected the takeoff at high speed (above 110 kt ground speed) during the takeoff roll from RWY19 Dalaman Airport (DLM).

The cause of the aborted takeoff was reported as a problem with one of the aircraft’s engines. The aircraft was able to decelerate safely on the runway and subsequently returned to the airport hardstanding.

The specifics of the engine problem have not yet been provided. According to the online source the Aviation Herald, flight crew had advised passengers that they had received a warning light indication.

A loud bang was reported to have come from the engine prior to the aircraft decelerating during the rejected takeoff.

Aircraft Details

The aircraft conducting the TOM213 flight service to Manchester airport (MAN) was a Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, registered 9H-ETA. This is a 5.5 year old narrowbody aircraft belonging to the carrier Smartlynx Malta.

It has been in operational service with the air operator since September 2022. The aircraft was previously least for a period between January 2023 and May 2024 by the Canadian carrier Air Transat.

A Smartlynx 737 MAX 8 approaches to land.
MarcelX42, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

SmartLynx Malta is a subsidiary of SmartLynx Airlines, an ACMI, charter and cargo airline headquartered in Riga, Latvia.

Established in 2019, SmartLynx Malta is one of the reasons the parent company was able to expand into cargo transportation.

Here are some key details about SmartLynx Malta:

  • Part of a larger aviation group: SmartLynx Malta is a subsidiary of SmartLynx Airlines, which is itself part of Avia Solutions Group.
  • Focus on cargo: In February 2021, SmartLynx Malta entered into a partnership with DHL to transport freight and goods. They operate Airbus A321-200s for cargo operations.
  • Air Operator Certificate: SmartLynx, the parent company, holds an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from Malta, allowing them to operate aircraft registered in Malta.

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