A single engine Mooney M20J aircraft tangled in powerlines in Montgomery County, Maryland
Photo Credits: Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service

Light aircraft strikes powerlines in Maryland trapping two occupants for several hours

LONDON – A single engine light aircraft has struck powerlines in the vicinity of Montgomery County Airport, Maryland.

The aircraft, a single engine Mooney M20J crashed into powerlines on Sunday. News sources have reported that the two occupants on board the four-seater aircraft were trapped in the cabin for seven hours.

The collision with power transmission wires occurred near Goshen Road and Rothbury Drive in Gaithersburg at around 5:40 p.m. local time, the FAA and Montgomery County authorities said.

With the aircraft suspended in the lines from the pylons approximately 100 feet off the ground, the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service commenced rescue operations.

Chief of the Rescue Service, Scott Goldstein reported that the two occupants were transferred to hospital presenting with orthopaedic and trauma injuries resulting from the impact.

The occupants were also treated for hypothermia following the seven hour ordeal.

Footage surfacing on social media show the aircraft suspended 100 feet above the ground. The accident caused a power blackout affecting 85,000 customers for several hours.

PHOTO CREDITS: Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service via Twitter

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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