American Airlines 737-800 Aborts Tampa Takeoff After Main Tire Burst

American Airlines 737-800 on the runway in Tampa after tire burst.
Screenshot via Captain Steven Markovich YouTube.

An American Airlines Boeing 737-800 was forced to abort its takeoff from Tampa, FL after a main gear tire burst on 10 July 2024.

American Airlines flight AA590 was scheduled to depart Tampa International Airport (TPA) for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX).

American Airlines AA590 Tampa-Phoenix

Flight track of American Airlines flight AA590 Tampa to Phoenix

During its takeoff roll prior to rotation, the aircraft experienced a mechanical issue resulting in a main landing gear tire blowout.

They rejected takeoff procedure was conducted and the aircraft was brought to a safe stop on the runway.

All 174 passengers and six crew members disembarked safely via the taxiway before being transported back to the terminal by bus.

Video via via Captain Steven Markovich YouTube

While the exact cause remains under investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), American Airlines confirmed the incident involved a problem with the aircraft’s tires.

“American Airlines flight 590 with service from Tampa (TPA) to Phoenix (PHX) experienced a mechanical issue on the runway prior to taking off. Customers safely deplaned and were bussed to the terminal.”

The airline apologized for any inconvenience caused to passengers who were eventually placed on a replacement flight to Phoenix.

Video footage of the takeoff incident has surfaced on social media. It shows a tire, or tires, shredding on the aircraft’s right-hand main gear.

The aircraft can be seen decelerating after the main gear tire burst. It was brought to a stop under control on the runway. Flight crew then exited the active runway and brought the aircraft to a stop on the taxiway.

Having been brought to a stop by flight crew, a fire broke out in the right-hand main gear wheel assembly.

Some minutes elapsed before the stationary aircraft was attended to by ground fire fighting assets.

The aircraft conducting the AA590 rotation to Phoenix was a Boeing 737-800, registered N908AN.

This is a 25.2 year old narrowbody aircraft belonging to the carrier American Airlines. It has been in operational service with the airline since its initial delivery in May 1999.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 3 Min Read
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