30 Injured as Uruguay-Bound Air Europa Flight Hit by Turbulence

Damage to the cabin interior of an Air Europa 787-9 due to turbulence.
Photo Credit: @pichipastoso via X

At least 30 people have been reported injured after an Air Europa flight operating from Madrid to Montevideo, Uruguay encountered turbulence early this morning, 1 July 2024.

Air Europa flight UX45, a Boeing 787-9 en route from Madrid International Airport (MAD) to Montevideo (MVD) diverted to Natal, Brazil following the inflight encounter.

Air Europa UX45 Madrid-Montevideo

Flight track of Air Europa UX45 Madrid to Montevideo showing diversion to Natal.

On arrival at Natal, Brazil the aircraft was met at the airport by firefighters and medical emergency ground assets.

The current status of affected occupants and the extent and seriousness of injuries sustained is not clear at the time of writing.

Flight track of Air Europa UX45 Madrid to Montevideo showing diversion to Natal.

Video and still footage posted to social media shows the extent of the damage to the passenger cabin interior.

The footage reveals damage to the cabin ceiling and dislodgment of lining panels. In other footage, damage to some seats is also evident.

Reports indicate that 350 passengers were on board the flight which was originally bound for Montevideo Carrasco International Airport (MVD).

The precise location where the turbulence was encountered has not be clarified.

Flight data available shows that Air Europa flight UX45 departed Madrid International Airport (MAD) at 00:26 local time this morning.

The flight then set course normally for the long-haul service to Uruguay, climbing to flight level FL350 (35,000 feet).

Photo & Video Credits: @pichipastoso via X

Following the Air Europa turbulence incident, flight crew did not declare a formal emergency and a diversion was subsequently made to Natal, Brazil where the flight then landed at 06:50 local time this morning.

The aircraft conducting the UX45 rotation to Montevideo was a Boeing 787-9, registered EC-MTI.

This is a 6.3 year old widebody aircraft belonging to the carrier Air Europa. The aircraft has been in operational service with the airline since its initial delivery from the factory in March 2018.

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