UPS Places Huge Investment into eVTOL Industry with 150-Strong Order

Photo: UPS

LONDON – UPS has announced plans to order up to 150 eVTOL aircraft from Beta Technologies, as the market begins to intensify in that market.

It is understood that the first ten aircraft will be delivered to UPS in 2024, with the carrier having the options to purchase up to 150. The BETA eVTOL will have a cargo capacity of 1,400lbs and offer a range of 250 miles with zero operating emissions.

UPS went for this brand especially for BETA’s recharging station for “safe and rapid charging of the aircraft in under one hour to facilitate faster cargo loading and unloading”. This is something that the company has reserved in particular in this investment.

Photo: UPS
Photo: UPS
Photo: UPS

This order represents the overall company’s commitment to sustainability, especially with them ordering 10,000 electric vehicles from Arrival, so the eVTOL order will no doubt go hand-in-hand with the reduction of carbon emissions going forward.

Overall, it seems this particular market is heating up, especially with the likes of United Airlines ordering 200 Archer eVTOL aircraft too. This of course is something that will remain very present as the decade goes on.

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