Pakistan International Airlines makes Ramadan changes

Aleem Yousaf CC BY-SA 3.0 AU , via Wikimedia Commons

LONDON – Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has asked its flight crew to refrain from fasting whilst on duty. Passengers have access to Meal boxes on domestic flights, in new guidance issued by The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA).

Throughout COVID-19, PCAA policy has been not to have meals on domestic flights.

In a safety alert obtained by Dawn, PIA tells their employees “While it is perceived that flying with fasting is a possibility, in such a case the element of risk is considerable and margin of safety minimal. In an emergency with multiple complexities, wrong and delayed actions may result in serious consequences due to impaired judgment and incapacitation.”

PCAA banned meals on domestic flights in response to COVID-19.

However, the PCAA has lifted this restriction during Ramadan. Iftar meal boxes, issued at Check-in, are the provision for passengers who wish to have a meal during the flight.

Additionally, PIA’s alert says ”While fasting, one has to go for a change in normal routine. Therefore, fasting and flying may not be confined to religious reasons as there are defined relaxations on fasting while travelling.”

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