AVEM AERO Boosts Cargo Capability with AN-12 Freighter

An AVEM AERO Antonv AN-12 freighter taxis at dusk.
Photo Credit: AVEM AERO

AVEM AERO, a leading provider of urgent air cargo charters headquartered in Estonia, has taken to the skies worldwide with their new AN-12 freighter aircraft.

Commencing operations on 12 June, this addition to their fleet marks a significant step for the cargo operator.

The AN-12 broadens AVEM AERO’s capabilities in several ways. Firstly, it allows them to enter new market segments, such as military logistics.

Secondly, the increased range of the AN-12 (3600 km) enables them to offer long-distance urgent cargo charters to any part of the globe.

Popular routes include intra-European flights, as well as those stretching from Europe to Africa and Asia.

An AVEM AERO Antonv AN-12 freighter taxis at dusk.
Photo Credits: AVEM AERO

The Antonov AN-12

The AN-12 is a four-engine turboprop freighter known for its reliability and versatility. It was 0riginally designed by the Antonov Design Bureau in the Soviet Union.

The aircraft remains a popular choice for cargo operators due to its spacious cargo hold, powerful engines, and ability to operate from unpaved runways.

The latter capability becomes a valuable asset for accessing more remote locations that might be inaccessible to other aircraft.

The AN-12 is ideally suited for transporting a variety of cargo types, including:

  • Military logistics
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Oversized cargo
  • Oil well equipment
  • Freight for remote or challenging locations

The impressive payload capacity of up to 18 tons and the convenient rear-loading ramp make the AN-12 incredibly versatile. This feature, along with its impressive payload capacity tons, makes the AN-12 perfectly suited for missions involving bulky cargo.

 The cargo cabin itself boasts dimensions of 13.5 meters in length, with a maximum width ranging from 2.6 to 3.5 meters, and a height of 2.4 to 2.6 meters.

Strengthening Cargo Charter Capability

“The AN-12 represents a significant and promising step forward for AVEM AERO,” says Nikolay Kurbanov, CEO of AVEM AERO.

“It strengthens our ability to deliver urgent cargo charters across diverse industries and over extended distances.”

“This expansion is particularly timely, considering the ongoing challenges faced by the urgent automotive parts transportation sector. The AN-12 provides us with the solution to better serve the evolving needs of the market.”


AVEM AERO, established in 2018, has carved a niche for itself in the urgent cargo aviation market.

Their core service is providing time-sensitive air cargo charters across Europe, North Africa, and Asia.

An AVEM AERO ATR72-500(F) freighter aircraft parked.

Additionally, they offer outsourced OCC services to third parties. The company caters to a wide range of cargo types, including automotive parts, AOG (Aircraft on Ground) supplies, military equipment, pharmaceuticals, oversized cargo, and sensitive goods.

By incorporating the AN-12 into their fleet, AVEM AERO furthers its commitment to providing innovative and adaptable solutions for urgent cargo transportation needs.

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