MD Helicopters shines in law enforcement as Atlanta Police opts for two MD 530F helicopters 

An Atlanta Police Department MD 580E helicopter in the hangar.
Photo Credit: MD Helicopters

LONDON – MD Helicopters, LLC (MDH), an Arizona based helicopter manufacturer, announced that the Atlanta Police Department has inked a contract worth USD$10 million for the purchase of two MD 530F helicopters.

The new acquisition will provide improved capabilities to the Atlanta police officers to better patrol their city. 

MD 530F and law enforcement

Moreover, the Atlanta Police air division has also inked an agreement to refurbish and convert one of its MD 500E helicopters to an MD 530F through a programme approved by the FAA approved MD Helicopters to convert E to F. 

Sergeant Newman of the Atlanta Police Department, Aviation Unit gave his insight on the MD Helicopters:

“The purchase of two new MD 530Fs and the upgrade of our MD 500E converting it to an MD 530F, will standardize and modernize our fleet, reducing risk, improving safety, and increasing operational efficiency at a low operating cost.” 

This demonstrates that MD Helicopters is one of the most suitable law enforcement helicopter available in the market in terms of mission capability and cost. 

Sergeant Newman further added: “This will allow the helicopters to be airborne more frequently contributing to the department’s mission of creating a safer Atlanta.”

The MD 530F series helicopters are slated for delivery in 2023. The older MD 500E series will continue to be in service until the F variants are service-ready.

This is when the 500E will be converted to the newer and more capable F variant, which is expected to take three months. 

The E and F variants – The best keeps getting better 

The MD 500E, a proven predecessor to the MD 530F, has been the breadwinner for MD Helicopters for many years. The MD 530F however, delivers higher operational capabilities, with greater versatility catering to a variety of missions, as demanded by its pilots.

The 530F is equipped with a more powerful Rolls Royce 250-C30 engine, with an upgraded main rotor gearbox, and upgraded tail rotor drive shaft.

All in all, the variant conversion regime will involve replacing the engine, gearbox, and drive shaft, and an additional new main and tail rotor blades, which gives it greater manoeuvrability to the helicopter. 

The Atlanta Police Department will operate three MD Helicopters in total. All of its aircraft feature a higher gross weight at 3,350 lb, an increased cruising speed, an improved flight profile in tight areas, and are more economical than older machines.

MD helicopters are equipped with the latest technology, such as a tactical mapping system, an IR-capable camera system, a searchlight and a downlink system which will aid pilots to perform any tasks seamlessly. 

About MD Helicopters

MD Helicopters, founded by aviation pioneer and helicopter pilot Howard Hughes in 1947 has always been a great American icon.

MD Helicopters manufactures, high-performance helicopters to support demanding missions around the world, ranging from VIP, private use, Medical Evacuation, Military, Law Enforcement, Utility and Search and Rescue for instance.

MD Helicopters are known as the “sports cars” of helicopters, with their small but agile design, to withstand high wind conditions, which gives it a performance boost. 

MD Helicopters successfully came out of Chapter 11 earlier this year, and have been performing excellently ever since.

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